My editor flipped an email over to my inbox native a Los Angeles-based communications company inviting me come attend and cover the Fillies & Stallions party held by black color Rock Thoroughbreds in ~ the Mellwood art Center.  

Last year, i was invite by neighborhood marketing team King 16 to sheathe the Esquire newspaper party at hare Hole. I lugged a friend and reveled in the beauty of the space, the details that went into the ambiance including ice sculptures and herbs clipped fresh and also dropped into your cocktail. Through this in mind, i agreed to attend the Fillies & Stallions party, since it’s hyped together the Derby party to go to and is “invite only.” Its push release promised a star-studded affair and also name reduce all your early-aughts faves as past attendees, such together Jessica Simpson’s ex-hubby Nick Lachey and also Ashton Kutcher. My sister was excited to tag along. 

The party is invite only. Basically, you walk to its website and also fill out an applications to attend. I’d viewed online the tickets to be going all over from $650 to $1,000. Mine sis has a friend who does party-promotion-girl-type work, and she’d to be told the if she posted about the party online, climate she can attend because that free, but she never got approximately to it. The business economics for the party appears to job-related like vegas rules: Pretty girl party for free, and dudes pay a lot come party v them. A NuLu owner told me at the party he and his friends pulled up in a Bentley and still had actually to fall $1,500 to acquire in. “It’s expensive gift a guy. It is just exactly how it is,” that said. At 34, i feel choose I’ve aged out of the demo of women utilizing their watch to obtain behind the velvet rope. Yet it was a currency I was affluent in transparent my 20s and also thrilled in spending. Luckily, for this party I’d have a push pass and wouldn’t have to rely on mine beauty or my financial institution account to gain in.  

Press was instructed to come at 9:45 p.m., so that’s what ns did. As soon as we walked up to what looked choose the entrance, a man instantly stopped and also asked who we were. Ns announced myself together press and also my sister as my plus-one. That said, “I no realize us were providing media plus-ones.” The way he looked at me was just how the dressing room winter at Target through their damaging lighting do me feel. Inadequate. This was not a emotion I intended to feel on what i assumed would be a fun night out. Ns spent most of mine 20s in SoCal. Then, there to be a specific high in a bouncer or party promoter spreading this very same look at me and my girls and also waving united state in because that free, or plucking us out of a long line and escorting united state to VIP, united state wobbling in our heels and also jerking our tiny dresses down every couple of steps. Us did this for plenty of nights. Till it gained stale. Until the interiors the the clubs all began to watch the same. Till it became much more important to hear what her friends had to say when you were out v them, than it was to be seen out on the scene. And also it’s a song and dance (to a techno beat) that i haven’t missed because moving ago to Louisville.

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We no Vegas. Us aren’t LA. We aren’t NYC. We aren’t Miami. We’re warm, welcoming and quick to smile at a stranger. We’re a humble city. We’re a city known for our hospitality. And this is the moment of year the that hospitality is many important. Yet that wasn’t the vibe at the Fillies & Stallion party.

A woman walked over. She taken place to it is in the human being who emailed me, and I explained, i expressly declared in my email I was going lug someone – who desires to party alone ~ above Derby… Errr… Oaks? nobody responded come say it’d it is in an issue. They decided that my sister would certainly be enabled in together well. We were led end to the red carpet. I was given a perform of celebrities who were to it is in in attendance — greatly football players — and then told it was most likely no one would certainly arrive until after 11 p.m.. So, us were basically meant to stand there and wait until then. This to be nothing choose the party i attended last year, whereby I was totally free to roam and also take part in the festivities. Ns looked at my sister, feeling sorry you will do it let she in after ~ all. But she was a great sport and also played photog because that me.

They opened up the red carpet because that anyone attending the party to strut down and also pose with two models in red dresses and white Derby hats. There were part beauty pageant queens — local and also international — yet the just celeb who walked by in two hrs was Von fearbut of the Denver Broncos. I admired his deep environment-friendly suit and also then remembered ns was functioning the red carpet together a reporter and should probably ask that a question, but prior to I might think the one, he to be on his way. Various groups of young women shoved your smartphones right into my hand and asked me come take your photos. Castle slung your arms roughly their girls, flipped their hair and angled their arms and legs simply so for the photos. I let one girl understand she had actually her friend’s lipstick on she cheek, she sloshed her drink a little and tipped towards me, uttering, “Lick that off, baby! Lick the off.” i passed. Her friend complied. The girls to be glittery, spangled and glorious. Fake tanned, spray tanned and also Spanxed. My heart softened because that them. This was their night and I hoped each one make it home safe in the morning.

An older black man was acquisition a photograph of a woman i assumed was his wife. I gestured for him come go was standing on the red carpet next to her, therefore I might get a pic the them as a couple. Later, he thanked me and whispered the he remained in town, functioning for Steve Harvey. That didn’t want to the skilled photogs at the other end of the red carpet to take it his pic because he was maintaining a low-profile. Harvey was hosting a various party in ~ the other finish of town. This male was here and not there. Before bed the night, I checked Facebook. I had actually several girlfriend at the party, the Trifecta Celebrity Gala at the KFC Yum! Center. Steve Harvey, disastrous suits and mustaches aside, that looked prefer a good time. Usher performed. I seen its website. It was more stylish 보다 the Fillies & Stallion site. The gala is generously gift by junior Bridgeman and also his family. Tickets for that event was also detailed as a $1,000 and also benefited the win Over Cancer Foundation, West finish School and UofL Austim Center. From what I could tell, anyone is welcome to purchase a ticket and attend. Ns wondered if the man and also I were both in ~ the not correct party.

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By midnight mine sister and I were prepared to leaving and completely over just standing about waiting because that something exciting to happen. Ns did a rapid lap that the actual party. It to be setup with all the bottle company tables in a big square sort of prefer the old O’Malley’s corner (no revolving run floor) and the warm-up DJ was doing a collection that can have conveniently been mistaken for a “Now that’s What I call Music” mix. I chose to speak to it, and also my sis called us a Lyft. Together we walked out, ns took my media pass from around my neck and also handed it to the an initial official person I saw. The look the man from previously gave me had actually been right after all — we didn’t belong there. So, us headed off right into the night toward the places we did.