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You are watching: Find the area of the parallelogram with vertices a(−3, 0), b(−1, 6), c(8, 5), and d(6, −1).

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Cristiano Sears

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Vertices are(A(-3,0), B(-1,6), C(8,5))and(D(6,-1))




Hence area of parallelogram

(=|vecAB imesvecAD|)

(vecAB imesvecAD=eginbmatrixi&j&k\2&6&0\9&-1&0endbmatrix)




Area(=|vecAB imesvecAD|)


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Change from rectangle-shaped to cylindrical coordinates. (Let (rgeq0) and (0leq hetaleq2pi).)a) ((-2, 2, 2))b) ((-9,9sqrt3,6))c) usage cylindrical coordinates.Evaluate(intintint_ExdV)where E is enclosed by the airplane (z=0) and(z=x+y+10)and by the cylinders(x^2+y^2=16) and (x^2+y^2=36)d) usage cylindrical coordinates.Find the volume the the solid the is fastened by the cone(z=sqrtx^2+y^2)and the sphere(x^2+y^2+z^2=8).

1) uncover the area the the part of the plane(4x + 3y + z = 12)that lies in the first octant.2) use polar works with to discover the volume that the given solid.Bounded by the paraboloid (z = 5 + 2x^2 + 2y^2) and also the airplane z = 11 in the an initial octant

Given (displaystyleu=quad extandquadv=), discover the magnitude of the vector and find the dot product.

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