With 6 swing speeds because that a differed ride, the Fisher-Price increased Chandelier Cradle ‘n Swing features both head-to-toe and also side-to-side cradling alternatives that aid keep your baby calm and also soothed. The starry irradiate show and sparkly butterfly friend on the motorized chandelier mobile administer interest and amusement, and the easy, press-button adjustments allow a two-position recline and three adjustable seat positions.

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Product HighlightsWith both head-to-toe as well as side-to-side cradling options, the 2 swinging movements of the increased Chandelier help keep baby calm and also soothedA starry light show and also sparkly butterfly girlfriend on the motor chandelier mobile assist keep your tiny one amusedEasy, press-button adjustments offer a two-position recline and also left-, center- and right-facing adjustable seat positionsSix totter speeds, 16 songs and soothing nature sounds entertain your small oneSmartSwing technologyPlug-in option conserves battery lifeMaximum weight: 25 lbs

Two motions assist soothe her baby, native the traditional head-to-toe swing to a side-to-side cradle for a varied experience.

The motorized chandelier mobile attributes a starry light show and sparkly butterflies come interest and amuse your small one.

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Ultra-plush and also oh-so-soothing with two swinging motions and also a selection of other customizable features that let friend choose and combine what infant likes best! engine- chandelier mobile help soothe and entertain baby v music, nature sounds, 3 toys and also an overhead butterfly irradiate show. SmartSwing modern technology offers six distinct swinging speeds from low to high so girlfriend can discover the perfect movement to help soothe infant whether she’s swinging side-to-side (like a cradle) or swinging head-to-toe! The swing in reality senses baby’s weight (so speed won’t slow as baby grows and also it starts there is no a push. Plug-in alternative saves on battery so baby deserve to relax and swing in soothing comfort.


Two swinging movements to assist soothe baby: side-to-side cradle or timeless head-to-toe swing motionSix waver speeds, 16 songs, soothing nature soundsChandelier mobile through overhead butterfly light display & 3 toys. Deep & cozy seat v 2 recline positionsSmartSwing TechnologyIncludes 120-volt AC adapter because that battery-free operation, or needs 4 D batteries 

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