get to understand the 12 hopefuls who are competing to land the most-sought-after job in the cooking industry.

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See who\"s vying to be the next Food Network Star, and learn around the rivals\" previous experiences in the kitchen.
Alex, 31, brings a killer combo of cook chops, passion for travel, business skill and also charm come the competition. He started working in restaurants as a teenager, came to be an executive chef in his 20s, and also opened his very own restaurant before turning 30. His restaurant is a Washington, D.C., hot spot, whereby the menu is filled with dishes inspired by Alex’s civilization travels, consisting of his many trips come Asia.
Arnold, 38, thrived up in his parents’ restaurant, among the first Asian restaurants and also food markets in Nashville, wherein he provided to roller-skate v the aisles. After ~ a job in professional figure skating, that attended cooking school and also returned come restaurant life with three restaurants of his own. An completed mixologist, restaurant consultant and also event caterer, Arnold makes food the is bold, unexpected and fun — just like him. Arnold additionally has a drag transform ego, Suzy Wong, who is well-known to host charity events and also mix a fierce cocktail.
Christina, 29, prospered up in a large family with six brothers, therefore she occurred a compete spirit and also an capacity to stand out at very early age. Urged by she late brother to follow her passion and enroll in culinary school, Christina went on to graduate in ~ the height of her class and win several cooking competitions with her worldwide inspired cuisine. Now married, through a 6-year-old daughter, she quiet loves come travel and bring new flavors house to her kitchen.
Dominick, 30, is a charming, funny brand-new Yorker who has actually been hamming it up for his friends and family all his life. His cooking training took him to Italy, where he sleek his skills and placed 2nd in an international food preparation competition. Dom to trust in top quality ingredients, solid technique and basic cooking. He now owns new York’s first and only mac-and-cheese food truck.
Eddie, 33, is a previous NFL player that is a fierce contender both in the kitchen and also on the field. Now a food truck owner, personal chef and personal trainer, that is dedicated to making healthy and balanced food taste certain delicious. In Eddie’s world, there is no require for a “cheat” day, since his good-for-you food is packed with flavor and also does not leave you feeling deprived.
Emilia, 36, is a beauty beauty pageant veteran v a French cooking degree and also a wicked sense of humor. She parents passed your love the food to her, and also she is at this time a cook instructor and also software agency executive. Emilia is likewise a former head pastry chef because that the Washington Redskins. This natural-born leader and solitary mom is determined to inspire viewers through her global-ingredient, technique-driven cooking style.
Jay, 33, calls himself a food ambassador for southern Louisiana, and also he’s ready to take it the gig nationwide. Jay’s enthusiasm for cooking started at LSU tailgates, and also now this charismatic chef has actually his own culinary media company. His deep link to and also appreciation for the Louisiana food scene has led to cooking-competition victories and also media awards, and he is primed to lug that award-winning personality and also charm come the screen.
Matthew, 22, is the youngest finalist, however don’t allow his age and exuberance stupid you; he’s got the experience of a chef double his age. He began working in expert kitchens at 16 and also became a food writer by 17. Matthew eats, sleeps and also breathes food, and also is dedicated to happen today’s virtual food trends and also social-media experience to the masses.
Michelle, 39, is a grasp multitasker who does that all: She is a mom of three children under 10 years old, and being a website owner, radio host and private chef. Inspired by she Mediterranean roots and also her husband’s Latin heritage, she loves fusing the two cultures together for unanticipated flavor combinations. As a busy mom, Michelle knows that the pantry regularly dictates what’s because that dinner — for this reason she desires to dive in and also teach families how to use what they have to make a delicious, new meal.
Rosa, 38, is a first-generation Italian-American who thrived up in she family’s deli and catering service in brand-new Jersey and also learned to chef at she Neapolitan mother’s side. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and also noticed a void in southern Italian cuisine, therefore she decided to lug a taste of her mother’s dishes come the West coast with her own food truck, which she operated for number of years. Indigenous arancini come zeppoles, Rosa is prepared to share she love of southerly Italian food and culture with kitchens throughout the country.
Rue, 26, is initially from Zimbabwe yet has lived everywhere the globe. She is a personal chef who is passionate around southern afri cuisine and also believes great cooking originates from love, patience and also a happy soul. Rue is all set to present her favorite dishes and also heritage come a bigger audience by acquisition away several of the secret and do the cuisine approachable come the day-to-day home cook.
Sita, 47, is a veteran tv producer and also culinary instructor, and now it’s her time to be in front of the camera. She has actually produced numerous food segments for daytime tv shows and knows simply what it takes to succeed. Sita has actually an African-American and Italian background, and also both food societies come with each other to type her “Italian Soul” food philosophy, with dishes like sweet potato stuffed shells, and also sinfully an excellent soul-food standards like mac \"n\" cheese, candied yams and also fried chicken.

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