Fortnite Season 9 is officially here, and there’s loads of new content added to keep you busy. Through brand brand-new challenges, skins and map alters here’s how you can end up each difficulty that will appear in Fortnite Season 9 mainly 1.

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Fortnite Season 9 main 1 Challenges

First, let’s acquire the complimentary challenges out of the method and then we’ll relocate onto the battle Pass challenges.

Fortnite Season 9 mainly 1 cost-free Challenges

Ride the slip Stream roughly Stage 1 and also Stage 2 – 5 battle Stars

Ride the on slide Stream roughly Neo Tilted (Stage 1)

Simply hop top top the on slide stream in Neo Tilted

Ride the on slide Stream approximately Mega shopping center (Stage 2)

Simply hop on the on slide stream in Mega Mall

This is what it looks choose in action

Visit all skies Platforms – 7 in complete – 5 fight Stars

For this free challenge, you’ll have to visit every the skies platforms presented in the new season. Simply hop in among the waiting vents and you’ll it is in taken best up.

This is what a sky platform looks like


Deal 200 damages to an foe within 10s after using a shadow Bomb – 10 fight Stars

This an obstacle requires friend to usage a shadow bomb and also dealing 200 damages within 10 secs of the zero bomb usage

There room multiple means you have the right to go around this, here are a few

Sneak approximately an enemy, throw the bomb, and use a shotgun for closed ranged damageThrow the bomb from a distance towards an enemy, and also using an AR or sniper to transaction the damage, from afar

Since the challenge isn’t restricted to distance, you have the right to go through either approach

Fortnite Season 9 mainly 1 battle Pass Challenges

Now that we have actually the free challenges out of the way, below are every the difficulties you’ll have access to if did you do it purchased the battle pass

Pick increase a legendary Item in 5 different matches – 5 battle Stars

So, this is a pretty simple challenge, and all you need to do is pick up a legend item in 5 different matches. It isn’t minimal to guns, so any type of legendary items works.

Here room some tips to boost your possibilities of picking one up

Constantly loot whatever you can. Even if it isn’t your playstyle, save doing the for this an obstacle alone.Loot vending machines as they have a higher chance of dropping legendary items.Get as numerous kills as you can, and also loot various other players for legendary items.

Search 7 chests at lucky Landing or prey Lake – 5 battle Stars

This is an additional pretty an easy one, every you need to do is head over to lucky Landing or booty Lake and also simply find 7 chests.

3 Scoped Weapon Eliminations – 10 battle Stars

For this challenge, you’ll have to take out 3 foe players v a scoped weapon.

Currently, there space 3 scoped weapons in the game

Assault Rifle (Scoped)Suppressed Sniper RifleHeavy Sniper Rifle

Try prioritizing kills through the scoped sniper rifles together they deal more damage indigenous a distance. This to reduce the opportunity of you gift spotted, and get killed in close quarters combat.

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Deal (___) damages to opponents from at least _ stories over – 10 battle Stars

Stage 1: 300 damage, from at the very least 2 story aboveStage 2: 200 damage, indigenous at the very least 4 stories aboveStage 3: 100 damage, from at least 6 stories above

This an obstacle will take you some time, however it no that hard to manage. You have the right to deal damages from multiple stories yet it takes cautious planning and also building to actually execute.