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Hands-free, FULL-PAGE magnificationTwelve high-powered LEDs carry out ample lightGlare-free lighting through no hot spots! totally adjustable gooseneck - position it whereby you require itPerfect magnifier for analysis or crafting

Powerful, Full-Page analysis Magnifier

Our one-of-a-kind magnifying floor desk lamp combines an effective FULL-PAGE magnification v hands-free use and also clear, even balanced Spectrum light. Twelve high-powered LEDs administer bright light for close work and reading -- without gaining hot like continual lamps.

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The ultra-flexible gooseneck brings the light exactly where you require it - change it high, change it low, adjust it all approximately -- to exactly the best angle and also distance. That a large help for independent living.

This is an exciting, helpful new means to boost your reading pleasure. The super-large lens offers 3x variable optical magnification, to quickly magnify an entire page there is no the glare or hotspots that strain her eyes. Easy big-button on/off operation.

Features encompass a large, strong handle for ease of maneuverability and a safe, lightweight polymer lens. Unlike the hand magnifier concealed away in a drawer, you’ll constantly know whereby this one is. AC operated.

Item #: 26143

Lighted full Page reading Magnifier Product Specifications:

Twelve high-powered LEDs provide ample light to magnify close work and also readingThe ultra-flexible gooseneck bring the light precisely where you need itThe super-large magnifying lens gives 3X - plus change magnification, to quickly cover an entire page there is no glare or hotspotsEasy big-button on-off operation, and also features a large, strong handle and also lightweight components for lull of maneuverabilityDimensions: approximately 40"H (when the gooseneck is at a 90° angle), Lens: 10"L x 7"WWeight: 17 lbs.

Lighted Magnifying Floor lamp Highlights:

Illuminates a complete page without glare or hotspotsLightweight and totally adjustable--high, low and all aroundEasy big-button on/offSuper-large polymer lens provides 3X magnification and safetyLarge, strong handle because that ease the maneuverability12 high-powered LEDs for clear, bright light

Customer reviews of our Lighted full Page reading Magnifier

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an excellent for Macular Degeneration patients!

By cotton (Princeton, NJ)
Bought because that my mother who suffers with AMD. She loved it. Only trouble was after about 18 months, the suddenly stopped working. She stated she feels lost without it! reasoning a strength surge may have fried the strength cord, I was able to order a instead of cable via firstSTREET’s customer business center. Fingers crossed that it works! as soon as it arrives, we will be certain to use it v a surge protector!
just What was Needed

through lisak (Reno, NV)
purchase this as a gift for a friend that is legally remote She loves it currently she have the right to read without having the web page 2 inches away from her sleep I am buying a 2nd one for her
analysis Magnifier

by Julie (Elkader, IA)
i bought this product because that my mother. The irradiate is wonderful! yet the lens is heavy and weighs down the functional arm so it would certainly not remain in the postion wanted.

by Anita fight it out (Philadelphia, PA)
i purchased because that my mommy who has actually very restricted vision and also it works an extremely well! straightforward to assemble and also she no longer has to use a hand hosted magnifying glass to read. She have the right to now read publications with continuous print and is not stuck to the minimal number of large print books. I just wish ns would have actually purchased that earlier.
complete Page Magnifier

by RIGranny (Richmond, RI)
I obtained it today and also had it put together in much less than 10 min. Ns am blown far at the quality and strength of the magnification. I bought the to do fine needle point. I do not also need my glasses v this. Any one doing crafts or reading, I extremely recommend this lamp/magnifier
an excellent solution for father-in-law with Parkison"s

by Amy (Philadelphia, PA)
my father-in-law with Parkinson's loves to read but was struggling to organize a regular magnifying glass. We tried several various solutions and also this to be the ideal one. He is may be to individually move and position the magnifying glass top top his own and then check out comfortably.
wonderful product !!!

By william W. (Starke, FL)
This magnifier is wonderful...Bought it because that my mommy who has actually macular degeneration...she to let go reading, but now she have the right to read her publications without attract glasses! and it arrived here very fast. Say thanks to you so really much.
trouble with this product

By anonymous (Richardson, TX)
The magnification was an extremely good. The LED lights spotted my page pale yellow and white. The pole was too long. I had actually to keep lifting my hefty book and also twisting the desk lamp "neck" to shot to gain a comfortable read.

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good product!!!!

by Debra (Panama city, FL)
ns am therefore glade the i brought this product, it has been a actual life saver for me i have actually diabetes and additionally have had cataracts surgery and also i still needed a magnifying glass to check out this is a good product it help me to see and read little print ,
excellent gift because that my dad

by Juan M. Madrid (Cali, Colombia, --)
i bought among these for my dad, who's had actually eye surgery and has an obstacle reading tiny print. He's an extremely happy through the magnifier, due to the fact that it enables him to review books and also newspapers comfortably, there is no the problem of relocating a little magnifier across the page.
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