Gabi DeMartino, additionally known as Gabriella DeMartino, is an American YouTuber who is known for her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty videos - in which she constantly looks stunning.

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Her YouTube career take it off when Gabi, along with her pair sister Niki, started the YouTube channel,Niki and Gabi. Together of today, this channel has actually over 9 million followers. Yet Gabi also has her very own Youtube channel,Fancy Vlogs by Gab, v over 3 million followers.

Gabi"s fame increased, also more, when it got an enormous boost when she appeared in Ariana Grande"s music video "Thank U, Next," wherein she looks stunning.

1. With and without makeup

Which words very first cross her mind after ~ looking at the with and without makeup pictures of Gabi DeMartino? For plenty of women, assembly is their finest friend, also on continual days. However, some women look gorgeous with a ceiling face, and also Gabi DeMartino is one of the usual examples.

Gabi DeMartino look at pretty many thanks to cosmetics products, yet without makeup, she feeling younger and an ext energetic. In the photo on the left, Gabi tied her hair high, and her curly hair assisted emphasize her pretty face. Also though she bare confront has some acne, Gabi tho looks dazzling there is no makeup.

Gabi DeMartino with and also without makeup
Before and also after: Here"s what Gabi DeMartino looked prefer without makeup in 2013 contrasted to 2018

Belle Delphine No Makeup


Nikita Dragun without Makeup

2. Clean and healthy skin

When it involves makeup, clear skin is the best foundation. Gabi DeMartino has a beautiful skin complexion, and she knows how to take great care of she herself.

In the listed below picture, she has washed off she makeup and is wearing a straightforward outfit, but she still looks striking and comfortable through her natural skin.

Having clean skin helps to Gabi boost her self-confidence as soon as pulling off the no-makeup look.Gabi DeMartino is gorgeous even without makeup.

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Gabi DeMartino"s skin look at clean and also healthy without makeup

Looking fresh

With or there is no makeup, Gabi DeMartino looks stunning. With nearly no makeup, Gabi is showing off her beautiful face and flawless skin. Her organic appearance is gorgeous. If there is who who can pull turn off the no-makeup selfie, it"s Gabi DeMartino.