Jimmy Kimmel"s latest round-up the the internet"s harshest digs might be the many savage — and also star-studded! — yet

Jimmy Kimmel‘s recent round-up that the internet’s harshest disses may be the most savage — and star-studded! — yet.

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Jennifer Lawrence, festival Gadot and much more put on their emotional armor because that the 11th rate of “Celebrities Read typical Tweets,” i beg your pardon debuted ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night.

The Wonder Woman star kicked points off, struggling v the slang that a Twitter user who wondered about her chest size.

“They’re here. They’re here, don’t worry,” she quipped after looking down.

“I bet Jennifer Lawrence gives really unenthusiastic hand jobs,” the Mother! actress read before adding, “How go they know?”



Jake Gyllenhaal appeared glum as he check out one Twitter’s user’s urge to punch him in his “ugly, soft, starry-eyed pug face,” when other uncovered the insults funny. Gwyneth Paltrow might barely host a straight challenge when a troll take it aim at her Goop-inspired beauty, beauty routines, and also Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons forced back a laugh once he was described as “a ventriloquist fake that involved life to become a sex offender.”

She read, “Kristen Bell seems like the kinda person I’d be dazzling to be combine up v for a school project, but then would never ever want to hang out v her otherwise,” prior to adding, “That’s probably true.”

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The greatest clapback belonged come Kumail Nanjiani, that wrapped the segment v a mommy joke that will certainly surely leave the troll speechless.

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Other celebrities that showed up in the segment consisted of Elisabeth Moss, man Lithgow, Dave Chappelle, Jeffrey Tambor, Jennifer Aniston, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Bob Odenkirk, Michael Keaton and also Alec Baldwin.

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