The duality the women, the Madonna–whore complex, and also the surprising feminism the Ludacris’ ‘Splash Waterfalls’


If I had actually a dissension every time I had to protect my love of rap to someone that frames its existence in opposition to my feminist politics, I would certainly not should be trying to find a job right now. I also wouldn’t have time to.

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I could say that country tacitly approves date rape and expects females to love Jesus, she daddy, and also a pick-up truck. I can say that pop pedestals women and seemingly saccharine love songs are possessive if no outright abusive. I could say the rock centers about sad white boys and also the women who are their manic pixie dream girls. I might say that rap is no the just misogynistic genre and the factor you’re scapegoating it thus is racism.

And I have actually done every one of this. However, ultimately, I’m no actually sure if I treatment what people think who have actually the audacity come ask me a question choose this. If you have to ask, you’ve clearly never engaged with laboratory on any type of level.

I will concede though the rap definitely has its re-publishing of gender blunders. Come me, its best offense is incredibly popular rapper Drake’s whole modus operandi that upholding the Madonna–whore complex. TL;DR: in renowned culture, the Madonna–whore complicated is the idea that women can be saints or sinners, but not both. And also boy oh boy, do you revere the saint.

His 2015 earworm ‘Hotline Bling’ is a element example. Together a Genius annotation says, “Drake mirrors on exactly how the girls he offered to kick it through in Toronto have changed. Drizzy maybe acted together a mentor, and also without his guidance, this girls have gone under a course of selling themselves quick to achieve money and also fame.” Why is it his service what this women are doing if he’s no longer with them? and also why is attaining money and fame if you a woman offering yourself short? prevent policing women’s choices, Drizzy!

Outside rap, Taylor Swift additionally upholds this simplification and constantly vilifies the prostitute to her very own Madonna. ‘You Belong through Me’ speak the story the a saintly nerd who’s hopelessly in love v her dude girlfriend who’s inexplicably v a average cheerleader. If this dichotomization of women—labeling certain interests “bad” and “slutty”—wasn’t noticeable in she lyrics, the video clip makes it especially clear by having actually the various other girl a brunette in comparison to the narrator’s blonde locks, and also at the prom, she in pure white if the girl that stole her boy is in sin red. Swift, who currently proudly labels herself a feminist and whose girl gang has been oft-touted together #squadgoals, has never apologized for this ceiling condemnation the women.

Earlier this year, a meme arised entitled “Get girlfriend a male Who deserve to Do Both” which has actually the expression accompanied by photos that depict various styles that dress—implying the it is distinct to uncover someone who has two outfits the aren’t precisely the same. It has actually morphed to additionally include acquiring a girl who have the right to do both, usually reflecting a mrs in a dress and also heels and also sweatpants and Timberlands. While the idea the a woman that owns 2 pairs of shoes that imply she is both upscale sexy and laid back sexy being unusual is misogynist, the basic theory the the meme when considering the prevalence of the Madonna–whore complex is fascinating.

The meme ultimately says ‘find a girl that is both the Madonna and the whore’ and, more importantly, that this girl exists.

Of course, the meme originally intimated that this girl is a rarity; it has actually now come to be so copied and parodied that the allude of the image is to display just how common ‘doing both’ is. Therefore, if you pair the picture as proof for the girl who the Madonna–whore and its new meaning as the girl is everywhere, “Get friend a Girl Who deserve to Do Both” is a refreshing take it on woman sexuality and the duality the women.

Meanwhile, in 2003, Ludacris released his 4th album Chicken-n-Beer, which had actually the solitary ‘Splash Waterfalls’. Because that my preteen self, this was an additional explicit jam along the currently of ‘What’s her Fantasy’ the I had actually to store on the DL from mine parents. Because that my existing self, that invests method too lot time in nuancing pop culture, that a prototype the “Get friend a Girl Who can Do Both” and also the parallels between them are painfully obvious.

The track is conceived approximately a back-and-forth in between Ludacris and also Sandy Coffee, whereby he states something sexually vanilla and also she states “make love come me” followed by something explicit and she responds “fuck me”. The chorus has a vital lyric that, because that me, defines why the song is around a girl who deserve to do both: Ludacris raps “they both one and the same”.

As Genius user Corey Blacksher so succinctly put it: “This tune is about a lady in the street yet a freak in the bed” (a layout Ludacris would later on revisit with his attribute on Usher’s ‘Yeah!’). Essentially, the woman of this song periodically likes missionary sex to the vocal stylings that Babyface, but also sometimes wants to it is in tied increase or invent brand-new positions.

She’s a complicated woman—or, girlfriend know, a woman.

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Ludacris is hardly recognized as a feminist rapper. And we absolutely need to call out his offenses. But, top top the various other hand, we need to recognize that an ext than a te ago, among the goofs and also gaffes the permeated the genre (and that course, tho do), he videotaped a song about a facility woman with a sexual flexibility not often existing in rap. That’s worth talking around too.