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Boys Locker Room refers to a series of mim metaphorically presenting regarded differences in between male and female student locker rooms in a comedic, regularly absurd manner, comparable to an previously When Teacher states to get Out of class format which acquired popularity in ironic shitposts in so late 2018.

one_dead_world post a feeling comparison that boys and also girls locker rooms.<9> The tweet gained over 700 retweets and 6,800 likes in one month. In replies to the tweet, countless users posted much more variations of the joke.<10><11>


On may 9th, 2019, Redditor LukeChrome posted the very first known English variation of the style in /r/memes subreddit utilizing a pan art that Warhammer: 40,000 together a an allegory for what can be happening in the boys locker room.<1> The article gained end 17,600 upvote in 24 hours.


In the following 24 hours, multiple write-ups utilizing the style were post in /r/memes, /r/dankmemes, /r/teenagers, /r/me_irl and other subreddits. Because that example, on may 9th, 2019, Redditor ksun4651 made a short article using a quiet from 2017 movie Kingsman: The golden Circle in which acquired over 4,400 upvote in 14 hrs (shown below, left).<2> top top the exact same day, Redditor Zap60seven made a post using a still from 2018 movie Black Panther which received over 18,100 upvotes in 13 hrs (shown below, right).<3>


On may 10th, Redditor RitikMukta make an inquiry around the influx of the memes in /r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit.<4>


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