If you ever see a hearse walk by, execute you ever before think you"re going come die.

Chorus. OOH OOH OOH OOH wherein will you it is in in a century from now.

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lock wrap you increase in a fresh white sheet, and also tuck in the corners every nice and neat. They put you right into a wood box, and cover friend over v earth and also rocks. The worms keen in and the worms to crawl out, castle crawl in thin and also they crawl the end stout. your teeth loss in and also your eyes popular music out, your brains come trickling under your snout Chorus. OOH OOH OOH OOH where will you it is in in a century from now.

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(PAUSE) DEAD!!!!!!!!! The song is ideal song in a short pitched soft voice to offer the compelled effect. The OOH descend in a scale choose fashion and also make the DEAD!!! sound yes, really unpleasant because that maximum effect. -- thanks to James Harrison Happy date of birth Tune: Volga watercraft Men Chorus: Happy Birthday, Ugh. Happy Birthday, Ugh. Ha-a-a-a, Happy Birthday, Ugh. Verses: Pain and sorrow in the air, Death approximately us everywhere. But...? chorus One year closer to the grave, Think of every the food we"ll conserve But...? chorus Easter Bunny damaged his leg, Bled anywhere the Easter Eggs, But...? chorus Santa Claus wrecked his sleigh, No more presents on Christmas day. But...? chorus -- thanks to man Kasper, Scoutmaster T-415, Chickasaw the supervisory board - Memphis, TN USA Adamms family members Grace Tune: Addams family members Theme (TV) by Vic Muzzy, 1964 Chorus: Da da da dum (snap snap) Da da da dum (snap snap) Da da da dum Da da da dum Da da da dum (snap snap) We thank you lord for giving, The things we require for living The food, the fun, the friendship, The Scouting Fam-i-ly. We thank you because that the food Lord, because that Mom and also Dad and also you Lord, We say thanks to you because that the food Lord, The Scouting Fam-i-ly. We say thanks to You mr for providing The food we require for life Be with us while we eat it, due to the fact that we really require it. Be present at ours table LORD, be here and also every whereby adored. These mercies bless and grant that we, might love serve and also obey Thee. We thank you because that this day, mr For friends and family, Lord. We thank you for this food, lord For friends and also family. Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)* Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)* Ah-ah-amen, Ah-ah-amen, Ah-ah-amen (snap-snap)* *Note: overcome arms as soon as snapping finger too late for this year, but you could likewise substitute "Ghoul enlightenment Family" around Halloween. -- thanks to Sue Moore in ras Vegas, NV, (where we have actually two seasons... "definitely summer", and "kinda winter"), Lisa Varner, Marguerite Gibson

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