Last to update Feb 2021 – If you clock TV, Guy Fieri is pretty difficult to avoid. The fact television star is the host and also producer the a slew of effective Food Network programs. If he might not it is in the finest chef in the world, his mix of boisterous style, personality, and cooking talent has actually made him one of the cooking world’s greatest stars.

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To me, Guy’s success story is something come admire. He’s excellent an incredible job of cultivating his talents and also bringing them come the forefront. Cooking doesn’t have to just be about the recipe. Once I clock Fieri cook, it’s clear that he worths educating others, having actually fun, and creating over-the-top dishes the anyone can enjoy, also if they’re no a food critic.

Fieri has actually endorsed a reasonably popular heat of cookware. Let’s dive appropriate in through a evaluation of among his top cookware sets.



21-Piece Non-stick Ceramic Set

It’s a an excellent inexpensive starter collection for your brand-new home or apartment.

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10-Piece Non-stick Set

If you favor the older format of non-stick, it’s a viable different to the larger collection above.

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✔ Guy Fieri Non-stick Aluminium Ceramic Cookware Set

First of all, allow me state that there’s a trend among cookware set to offer a million accessories and also doodads along with the pots and pans. Guy Fieri’s nonstick cookware set comes with among those funny wedge spatulas, tongs, and nine measuring spoons and cups.


This method that the 21 piece set is less than half cookware. The price is still pretty comparable to a set of just pots and pans, yet it’s worth noting that this 21 piece set has just 6 pots and pans in total.

Just like other celebrity-endorsed cookware sets (including Paula Deen), Guy’s heat is available in at the very least three colors. Personally, I’d choose the vibrant red due to Guy’s fiery personality, yet you can also get this set in black and also teal. Every three options have a sleek solid color exterior and a non-stick ceramic interior that’s really effective at staying clear of food native sticking.

I’m personal an support of ceramic non-stick end the traditional Teflon-style non-stick coating. Come me, it’s not about toxic chemistry or cooktop safety, but rather around how each layout of non-stick fails. PTFE (or Teflon) non-stick will certainly chip and flake, which way that your pots and also pans will go from being good and useable to completely unusable overnight. Rather of flaking off, ceramic non-stick will gradually wear out over time. This way that you’ll have a nice generous period of time as soon as your pots and also pans will certainly be a bit more sticky yet still totally usable. You’ll have actually plenty of warning before you have to purchase replacement cookware.

All modern non-stick pots and pans have a limited lifespan the varies based on how girlfriend use, clean, and also store them. In mine experience, this lifespan is between two and five years. This way that you must expect to replace this Guy Fieri cookware set after ~ a pair of year of use. During those years, you’ll gain functional, well-designed non-stick cookware that will certainly brighten up her kitchen. The collection is quite cheap, too, so there’s no need to worry about having to replace it eventually.

So how does it execute on the stove?

It’s clear the this aluminum cookware line was supplied by a skilled chef at least once or twice throughout the design process. Not only does the aluminum construction serve come distribute warm evenly and aid the pots and also pans warmth up quickly, the style details facilitate basic use. The handles have injection-molded silicone exteriors that store your hands safe while you handle hot pots and pans. They’re linked to the bases through solid rivets that won’t wriggle or unscrew after countless months of difficult use. The glass lids fit very well and have small steam vents that aid keep rattling come a minimum while friend observe your food.

This isn’t necessarily my favorite cookware collection overall, but its’ certainly one of mine favorite celebrity-endorsed cookware lines. While i think the “21-piece” moniker is somewhat misleading, the does average that this cookware set has several kitchen essentials for a first-time chef or who who’s moving out on their own.

It’s a great inexpensive starter collection for your brand-new home or apartment and also a good set to give to a colorful young person who’s taking the next huge step in their life.

✔ man Fieri 10-Piece Non-stick Cookware Set

This set is quite similar to the supplying above, but it differs in two essential ways. First, it only has the 6 pots and also pans in the box, in addition to four lids.

The pots and also pans themselves function the very same solid aluminum construction, silicone handles, and durable rivets. Inside the pots and pans, however, you’ll find a “traditional” PTFE non-stick that’s similar to the Teflon you’re acquainted with seeing.

As I claimed above, I’m a very slight pan of ceramic non-stick end Teflon for a couple of reasons. That said, the non-stick in these pots and pans will do very, really well and also will have a pretty comparable lifespan to the ceramic coating in the collection above. If you favor this older layout of non-stick or you’ve uncovered this collection on sale, it’s a very viable alternative come the larger set above. Girlfriend don’t obtain the extra 11 pieces of assorted kitchen tools, however you can always pick those up separately.

I personally think the this cookware set beats countless low-cost cookware brands, including Tools the the Trade and other keep brands. It’s a solid, long lasting non-stick set that will perform very well because that its minimal lifespan. The interlocutor stylings and also low price aid give that a slight edge end other budget plan cookware sets. While I’d probably select the ceramic set for myself, this stripped-down PTFE collection is still a an excellent buy.

Individual male Fieri Cookware Reviews

In enhancement to the large non-stick sets above, male Fieri has actually endorsed a couple of individual pots and pans you can find. Let’s go over the much more interesting offerings and also learn how you have the right to spice up her kitchen.

✔ guy Fieri actors Iron Frying Pan

Cast iron is pretty huge among plenty of internet influencers. It’s no suited for every cooking task as result of its unique properties, however it’s absolutely got its upside. This cast steel pan is fairly inexpensive and also is perfect for getting started in the world of actors iron cooking.

The many important component of this product is that it comes pre-seasoned the end of the box. This means that you can skip the complex and prolonged process the seasoning your very own pan. If you’re a cast iron veteran v your own favorite seasoning process, you deserve to simply remove this pre-applied seasoning v a bit of food soap and season her pan the way you want.

The exterior that this pan is coated through a porcelain enamel that permits it to be provided on induction ranges and glass top radiant stoves. This is a downside when it come to an extremely high-temperature searing (since the enamel doesn’t like temperatures above 400 F), but it’s perfect for everyday cooking.

Cast iron’s benefits include far better heat retention, remarkable performance on induction ranges, and also the capability to be “non-stick” there is no a coating the will stop working in a few years. This affordable guy Fieri actors iron pan is a good way to experiment with cast iron there is no spending a lot of money. You’ll have the ability to use this pan for many, numerous years.

✔ guy Fieri Decorated Frying Pan

If you want a non-stick pan with a distinct Fieri style, this decorated frying pan is a an excellent addition to your kitchen. It’s very inexpensive and also features a comfortable handle, an reliable non-stick interior, and also a boisterous eagle architecture on the bottom. It’ll look an excellent hanging indigenous a peg in on your kitchen wall.

While this pan is cheap (making it a great supplemental egg pan), there’s one large downside to having the graphic on the bottom that the pan. Ns don’t know about you, however the bottoms of mine pots and pans obtain pretty dinged up and also grimy if I’m not exceptionally diligent with how I cook and also clean. If friend actually use this pan top top a continuous basis, the graphic eagle will almost certainly be extended with the point out of cooking use.

Still, the low price of this frying pan way there’s no a many risk. Girlfriend can conveniently pick one up as a display screen piece or usage it as an egg pan without breaking the bank.

✔ man Fieri Non-stick Aluminium Frying Pan

If you want something a bit much less graphically busy, this non-stick frying pan is quiet vibrant and also loud without having actually an eagle ~ above the bottom. It’s rather inexpensive, too. You essentially get a single, tiny frying pan native the PTFE-nonstick collection above.

If you desire to try Guy Fieri’s cookware there is no making a large financial investment, this frying pan is the perfect piece to usage for your trial.

It’s an extremely inexpensive and will market you a wonderful small pan you have the right to use because that chicken fillets, eggs, and also other difficult dishes without worry. It’s also a good piece come pick up to supplement your main cookware set or replace an egg pan that’s worn out over the years.

✔ man Fieri cast Iron netherlands Oven

Dutch ovens like this guy Fieri cast iron pot have been about for centuries. The mix of actors iron and enamel is an excellent at absorbing heat and also keeping that trapped right in with your food. If you uncover yourself law a many slow cooking, whether you’re make brisket, stew, chili, or one more dish, having actually a cast iron pot like this is invaluable.

Before you rush out and also buy this pot, think about two things.

First, the top quality of the building and construction is somewhat variable and not necessarily approximately the requirements of a famous brand favor Le Creuset.

Second, it’s in reality pretty difficult to uncover this pot online. If it’s provided on Amazon, it’s not always in stock. Check out our various other reviews of cast iron pots for various other options. You’ll shed out on the celebrity branding and also not lot else.

✔ Guy Fieri Signature Stainless steel Chef’s Knife

While this inexpensive chef’s knife is stated to it is in made indigenous high-carbon German steel, it’s not as much as the same high quality of building as a Victorinox or JA Henckels knife. That does a fairly great job of hold an edge, however the knife chin is relatively fragile and prone to breaking.


The knife itself is very cheap, however, meaning that it’s one okay acquisition for someone there is no a chef’s knife at every who simply wants something because that a few months while they decision what high-end brand come go with as a more permanent solution.

It’s precious noting that while customer reports show that this knife will certainly rust, this is actually regular for a high-end chef’s knife. High carbon stole isn’t particularly an excellent at fighting turn off corrosion, an interpretation you need to carefully dry it each time friend hand wash it. Knives room made indigenous this kind of steel because of the method it hold a fine cut edge and also not due to the fact that of how easy it is to clean.

Despite the fragility of this knife, I’d certainly consider that if ns was getting a gift for a friend that wasn’t super into cooking. I’d warn them about the trust concerns and also mention that I’d it is in happy to indicate a more expensive knife (probably a Dalstrong or a Victorinox) if they discover that they love the means it cuts.

The edge on this high-carbon guy Fieri knife is nothing come sneeze at and also provides a good introduction come the human being of higher-end chef’s knives for simply a couple of dollars.

Guy Fieri: Celebrity Chef, Cookware Expert?

Fieri’s personality and also charisma have actually cemented his ar in the people of tv chefs. His cookware currently are rather solid, too. While castle won’t necessarily beat out a deluxe All-Clad set, they’re a slight step over lines endorsed by various other celebrity chefs favor Paula Deen and a fierce challenger to keep brand sets prefer Tools the the Trade and Kirkland.

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If you’d like a colorful, inexpensive set of non-stick cookware for your kitchen, you may want to think about Guy Fieri’s vibrant cookware lines.