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1Andrew FarnethM41Canton, OH US248
2Alan ZinckM64Millersburg, OH US209
3Arlin SchlabachM47Millersburg, OH US170
4Benjamin KelleyM20Alliance, OH US168
5Brian GladyszM50Louisville, OH US164
6Chris MayM34Mansfield, OH US157
7Joe TarantinoM60Louisville, OH US153
8Kevin ClineM43Sugarcreek, OH US151
9Julio HernandezM38Madison, OH US146
10Skyler McCullyM27Canton, OH US144
11Kelley FisherM52Dover, OH US139
12Luke BuckinghamM14Wadsworth, OH US135

1Julee ZinckF19Millersburg, OH US230
2Teresa FergusonF48Akron, OH US196
3Kristi McCallinF38Canton, OH US192
4Alissa KolarikF30Wadsworth, OH US165
5Jess StutzmanF30Dalton, OH US163
6Molly GrimesF29Salesville, OH US156
7Christina MillerF37North Canton, OH US152
8Rosalie DonohoeF37North Canton, OH US149
9April BertramF43Canton, OH US139
10Rosa HernandezF41Madison, OH US107
11Sarah DevoreF28Tippecanoe, OH US105
12Beth KruprzakF33Amsterdam, OH US105

About this Race Series

In 2016 the OCS will be divided into 4 separate Series. Teh Half MarathonSeries will be made up of over 10K. Your top 3 races will count in the Half MarathonSeries. There are 5 Half Marathons. You may run more than 3with the higher scores replacing the lower scores. Individuals can be scored in one, two, three, or all of the Series. You just must complete the required number of events necessary in each grouping. Each eventpart of the 2016 OCS will only have one distance included when multiple distances are offered. (All official walking events that are scored will be included).

Points have been simplified and you are scored ONLY in your Gender and your Age Group (no overall-this is to make women & men scored equally). For Gender the top 100 in each gender will be scored and the top 25 in each age group will be scored. 100 for first, 99 for second, 98 for third, etc. For the age groups 25 for first, 24 for second, 23 for third, etc.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this race series or its scoring, please use the following E-mail address:

Union Hospital Run for Home Community Fitness FestivalHalf Marathon

Sunday April 10, 2016New Philadelphia, OH US

Run To The Wall - 5K Walk, 5K Run, 10K Run, and Half Marathon OVMP Half Marathon Run To the Wall

Saturday August 6, 2016Clinton, OH US