Here"s wishing you, together with your families, girlfriend and all of the brave men and women the the unified States armed Forces, a Blessed and Happy Passover and also Easter.

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Please see below for today"s blog post from the Republican Party that Florida celebrate the Passover Holiday, a video clip message from chairman Ronald Reagan"s 1983 Radio resolve to the country on the Observance the Easter and Passover, and also President George W. Bush"s Easter blog post from 2001 and also Passover post from 2002.
RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry join Dr. Jeffrey Feingold, Chairman that the RPOF Jewish leadership Council, in observing the Jewish vacation of Passover. This particular day Dr. Feingold exit the adhering to statement in regards come the holiday:
"As we look forward to a shining future for Florida and also for the Republican Party we must remember the past and the battles of our ancestors.
"Each year us celebrate the relax of the Jewish people from the risks of bondage in Egypt and this year its particularly important the we take on that same spirit as we shot to overcome the many obstacles facing the people of our good state.
"The stamin of the Jewish people has live for hundreds of years and will remain strong because of ours tradition, confidence and strong leadership.
"I to be proud to job-related with branch Scott and Chairman Curry that strive to defend our freedoms us so cherish and also our understand of the Jewish Community. On behalf of branch Scott, Chairman Curry, and the Republican Party that Florida i would like to wish anyone a happy and also healthy pesach.



I to be pleased come send warmth greetings to every those observing Easter. Top top this day, Christians roughly the human being join in celebrating the Resurrection the Jesus Christ, the child of God and Son the Man.

For christians everywhere, Easter is a job when, in the indigenous of the old Exultet hymn, the planet "rejoices in shining splendor, radiant in the brightness that its King." it is a time to be humbled by and grateful for God"s sacrifice and also boundless love and also to rejoice in the slim wonder that life and also the promise of victory over death.

Easter come at the end of the Lenten season, a duration of penitence and solemnity in numerous Christian traditions. The Lenten season prepares Christ" s followers for the joyous affirmation that "Christ is Risen!" holy Week activities, including Palm Sunday, holy Thursday, and an excellent Friday, remind the faithful of the events leading as much as Jesus" crucifixion and resurrection.

Many traditions associated with Easter have come to be a component of our American way of life. Return these personalizeds may differ, the universal post of Easter draws all Christian areas together. As families and friends gather to celebrate, we renew our commitment to monitor the instance of Jesus Christ in love our neighbors and also giving that ourselves for others. ~ above this joyous day, permit us additionally remember all those in need and those Christians around the civilization who are persecuted for their faith.

Laura join me in sending ideal wishes because that a wonderful Easter.




I send greetings to all Americans and to every people around the world who are observing Passover this week, which starts at sundown on in march 27.

Passover point out a uniquely unique time in the Jewish calendar, commemorating Judaism"s foremost traditions of freedom, faith, and also family.

In celebrating the Israelites" liberation from enslavement and their exodus from Egypt, Passover reminds Jews the their spiritual tradition. That is a time because that Jewish families to share together in long-established rituals and to market prayers that celebrate the renewal of hope in the blessings of freedom.

The story of the Exodus speaks throughout the millennia. By God"s power and blessing, the kids of Abraham overcame Pharaoh"s tyranny forty centuries earlier and found freedom in the promised land.

Every year at Passover, Jews relive the experience of the Exodus and also remember the miracles that noted them their route to freedom.

As we seek peace throughout the world, we are reminded that liberty is a priceless gift. In ~ this Passover, i hope that world of every belief will affirm that flexibility is the appropriate of every people. And as Jews observe this spiritual time, ns hope that your belief will it is in strengthened in the remembrance of your miraculous and living heritage.

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Laura join me in sending our finest wishes for a blessed Passover.



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