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I was between projects when I ran across an ad on Craigslist for 2 Harley Davidson golf carts. They were 3-wheeled models from the AMF HD era. One was a 1972 36-volt electric model and one was a 1975 250 cc gas model. The location was more than 2 hour away so I grilled the owner with lots of questions prior to making the trip. I have been led down the wrong road with Craigslist ads in the past and try to do all I can to prevent wasting a trip. The only guarantee I had was that the electric cart runs and drives and the gas cart starts and runs. That was the most important concern I had so I decided to take a chance.

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With the utility trailer in tow I headed off to get a better look at the two HD golf carts. The electric model cart was at a flea market where they used it to get around the warehouse and the gas model cart was at the owner’s house about 15 minutes from the warehouse. It took awhile to find the place but I finally arrived.

The electric cart was in poor to fair condition. The original seats were replaced with boat seats and the fiberglass body had some damage, but it did run & drive. After a short test drive and inspection it was off to look at the gas cart. The gas cart was in rough condition to say the least. The body had more damage than the electric cart and the tires were all flat. The owner used a screwdriver to jump across the solenoid to start the engine. The only good news was it did start and run.

At this point I was questioning whether this was a good idea or not. My immediate thoughts were that I could take the best parts from both carts and at least get one good cart out of it. And since the electric cart did work maybe I could use the remaining parts to make a rat rod HD golf cart too. I did know one thing, the owner was not going to get his $1,200 asking price for the two carts.

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He did have a pile of spare parts in a box and a few replacemet tires which would save me some money. After looking at both carts I offered him $800 for the pair. He countered with $1,000 and we shook hands on $900. I was already into each cart for $450 and a tank of gas before doing anything at all. It took us awhile but we managed to load one cart in the back of my truck and the other in the trailer and I headed home. On the drive back I had a little buyer’s remorse thinking I may have over paid, but it was pretty cool to have 2 old Harley Davidson golf carts.