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Hey, it\"s me, gfdhfd. My last FAQ kinda sucked cuz I was in a rush. This one will be thorough and also complete! Yay! Hooray!If i missed anything, please call me through my public profile.1. Introduction -Story- -Characters- -Animals-2. Acquiring Started -Choosing your man- -Getting Married- -Caring for her animals- -Buildings-3. Your Baby -Needs- -Friends-4. On through Life -Cheats- -Good and Bad News---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1: Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part IStoryHave you ever wanted to have actually the farm life? Well, this girl does. A yound city girl, (INSERT name HERE), sends out a letter to her dad\"s friend, Takakura, who just HAPPENS to very own a farm. Now it\"s up to her to treatment for the animals, the crops, and also she might just meet that distinct someone along the way...Part IICharactersTim: Tim own the inside Inn with his wife, Ruby, and his son, Rock. He likes to amuse you through stories of travel.Ruby: Ruby owns the inside Inn v her husband, Tim, and her son, Rock. She is terrific cook.Rock: Rock lives in the within Inn v his parents. Let\"s just say, he\"s a party animal. He has actually a to like on Lumina.Vesta: Vesta own the other farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley. She sells seeds and also fertilizer through her brother, Marlin, and her co-worker, Celia.Marlin: Marlin works on his sister\"s farm, and can it is in a tiny shy. It\"s approximately you to acquire him to be an ext \"outgoing\". He has actually a crush on Celia.Celia: Celia was hired through Vesta to work on she farm. She\"s really friendly, but if you want to get married Marlin, she will become your ENEMY!Gustafa: Gustafa is an outgoing guitarist in Forget-Me-Not Valley. He has actually a crush on shy small Nami.Daryll: Daryll is the scientist of the valley. He often tries to do experiments on her cows. He\"s a tiny crazy. Let\"s leave it at that.Patrick: Patrick provides fireworks through his pair brother, Kassey. That is usually found in his elevated house.Kassey: Kassey renders fireworks with his twin brother, Patrick. He is usually uncovered on the beach.Cody: Cody is a monster artist. Girlfriend can\"t really discover out a lot around him.Griffin: Griffin owns the Blue Bar, and he\"s happy to serve you a drink any kind of day. Muffy: Muffy functions at the Blue Bar through Griffin, and gives advice come you if you need it.Nina: Nina pertained to live her last year in Forget-Me-Not Valley v her husband, Gallen.Gallen: Gallen concerned live his last years in Forget-Me-Not Valley v his wife, Nina.Chris: Chris lives with her husband and son in the Valley, yet goes to occupational in the city every day.Wally: Wally stays with his wife and son in the Valley, however coaches teams in the city.Hugh: He stays with his mom and also dad in the Valley, and often runs about for fun.Lumina: Lumina stays with her grandmother (but she prefers to be called Auntie), and her servant, Sebastian.Romana: Romana resides with she granddaughter, Lumina, and her servant, Sebatian.Sebatian: Sebastian is the maid of Romana and also Lumina.Carter: Carter runs the excavating website by the waterfall.Flora: Flora is Carter\"s assistant in ~ the excavating site.Nami: Nami resides on the 2nd floor the the inside Inn. She\"s very shy.Murrey: Murrey is basically a hobo from Po-Po Valley.Part IIIAnimalsIn HM:AWL, you can buy cows, bulls, sheep, and chickens. Cows and also bulls: You can milk your very first cow about once or twice a day, about 40 days after it offers birth. The can\"t provide milk if that is sick or pregnant. If girlfriend buy a bull and it grow up, you might find that your cow is pregnant!Sheep: there isn\"t much to know about sheep. You have the right to only to buy males, therefore there\"s no babies. When they grow wool, use clippers come shear it and also sell it.Chickens: You have the right to buy hens and also roosters. Any type of hen, rooster or no rooster, lays eggs. But, you require a rooster for fertilized eggs (the eggs that in reality hatch as soon as you placed them in the incubater).Horse: at the beginning of summer, Takakura provides you a steed as a gift. The doesn\"t yes, really need any kind of care, and you can ride it roughly town!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 2: obtaining Started--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part IChoosing her manThere room 3 males to pick from in Harvest Moon: another Wonderful Life:Rock, Marlin, and Gustafa. In this section, girlfriend will discover out exactly how to make these men yours!NAME: RockDESCRIPTION: Party AnimalLIKES: Old coins, some flowers, ect.DISLIKES: Statues uncovered at the excavating site.CRUSH: LuminaLIVES: within InnSCHEDULE: 1:00 p.m. Wake up up 2:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Wander around town 9:00 p.m. Walk to the coast 12:00 a.m. Go to the bar 2:00 a.m. Walk to bedNAME: MarlinDESCRIPTION: ShyLIKES: Crops, great meals, ect.DISLIKES: noþeles else.CRUSH: CeliaLIVES: Vesta\"s FarmSCHEDULE: 6:00 a.m. Wake up 7:00 a.m. Go exterior (occasionally ~ above walks, largely on farm) ? go to bedNAME: GustafaDESCRIPTION: Hippie GuitaristLIKES: FlowersDISLIKES: ?CRUSH: NamiLIVES: Gustafa\"s YurtSCHEDULE: in between 7:00-10:00 a.m. Wake Up ...-10:00 p.m. Wander about town ... Go to bedPart IIGetting MarriedHere\"s what you need to do to gain married:1. Talk to your male every day2. Offer your guy a current every day3. (Theory)Try to it is in friends through your man\"s crush, he might like your kindness4. In the cutscenes, always say the nice thingsIf friend don\"t carry out this, your guy will love his crush more than he loves you, and you can\"t get married!Getting the blue feather:At the start of summer, as soon as you wake up, a cutscene starts with the Harvest Sprites. They uncovered a strange blue feather, and decide to provide it to you. Takakura speak you that you offer it to who if you want to marry them!Once your guy has four hearts in his diary(found in his room), that means he wants to marry you! Marlin: once he has 4 hearts, try to provide him the feather. He says, \"Wait simply one minute.\" That\"s when you propose!Rock: Plese send in info.Gustafa: you re welcome send in info.Part IIICaring for her animalsIf it isn\"t raining, placed your pets out in the pasture every day, and also they\"ll feed themselves. Don\"t leaving them the end all night, or they will gain sick. In ~ night and on rainy days, offer your animals fodder native the fodder dispenser.As because that chickens, you have the right to leave in the chicken yard (if friend buy one), and also they will have perfect health.If your pet gets sick, bespeak an animal medicine and also give it to your animal, and also it will quickly be better, chicken or livestock.When her cow gives birth, milk it and also give the milk to the baby for around 10 days.Part IVBuildingsFood handling RoomPut milk in either machine, and cheese or butter comes out. Every sells for more than milk does!Seed MakerPut a chop in the seed Maker, and you gain 2 seeds for every crop you put in.Milking RoomPush your cow into one the the 2 doors, and also the an equipment does the rest.Chicken YardPut every your chicken in the chicken yard, and also you don\"t need to do any type of feeding or anything else. You can leave them the end as long as friend want, and also they never acquire sick!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 3: your Baby--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part INeedsAfter you acquire married, you have actually a baby. Every baby has the hair of your husband, and also each has different clothes. You have to pick that up and also play with him every day. To buy him playthings at Van\"s Shop. Placed food in your fridge so he have the right to eat(you don\"t must feed him, simply make certain there\"s food). That goes come play through the animals, and also occasionally atempts come water her crops. Constantly praise her child. Never ever discourage him(but Rock\"s son deserve to be a brat).Let\"s fulfill the kids!Rock\"s son: Well, he\"s a brat, we understand that. He likes the animals and sports.Gustafa\"s son: He never wants to leaving the house. If you put him outside, that runs earlier in. That likes art.Marlin\"s son: He\"s shy favor Marlin, but gets less and less shy as he grows. That like cultivation crops.Part IIFriendsThis thing is very breif. If you desire me to include more, email me some info.What your kid grows as much as be relies on who you befriend in the an initial chapter. Befriend human being who girlfriend think will certainly be an excellent role models for her son.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4: On v Life--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part ICheatsThese cheat are helpful for straightforward money.Cheat 1:1: placed one controller in the an initial socket, and one in the third.2: get in the barn with the an initial one.3: Then press Z through the 3rd one. 4: as soon as you press start through the very first one, you can see you have a ton that items. 5: sell them to become a multi-millionaire!Cheat 2:1: Repeat the very first 2 steps from Cheat 1.2: press Start v the third controller.3: Every time you execute this, you acquire 10,000G!Cheat 3:1: Repeat the very first 2 procedures of Cheat 1.2: Make certain you are outside your house.3: making use of both thumbs, push down every directions ~ above the directional pad.4: walk in her house, and also you\"ll have an alarm clock. Friend usually gain it in the 2nd chapter indigenous the new guy, Grant, yet now you can gain it ASAP!Part IIGood and also Bad NewsIf you want to find out what wake up at the end, role down.-------------------------------------------------The poor news is in ~ the end of Harvest Moon: an additional Wonderful life, girlfriend die.At the finish of the very first chapter, Nina dies.The an excellent news is, you still acquire to pat! You have actually 99 the every item, your still married and also have your son, and also you still have actually all the same animals. The just thing is: Nina is tho dead. However you\"re young! Yay! so i guess you would call it Heaven...Thank you for analysis my Walkthrough.

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If girlfriend would choose me to include something, please call me v my publicly profile.