Usually Daniel Radcliffe's acting was kind enough and also believable but in the third movie, argh. I always wondered why I uncovered that certain scene for this reason cringeworthy.

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"He was your friend... And he betrayed them. He WAS their FRIEND! i hope he find me. Due to the fact that when the does I'm gonna be ready... I'm gonna death HIM!" The awkward face expressions, atmosphere and the horrific crying. The crying almost sounds choose the gibbs is giggling. As a result, so lot of it actually provides the scene funny to clock now.

Holy fuck, complete cringe and a really uncomfortable scene.


To be fair, the gibbs was just 15 when that movie was recorded. Apart from that, character-wise, us don't know exactly how anyone would certainly react come that. Hell, I'd probably be a small weird hearing news around the man who betrayed my parents if he'd it is in their finest friend.

Well, the exhilaration is horrible but in this particular scene I likewise blame the writing. The indigenous he claims are so cliche the I as a kid didn't believe it.

To be fair, no one of the main actors are really good... Still love HP though and also planning come rewatch the third movie this evening.

Don't litter rocks at me for this, I thrived up with the movies and exactly at the same time/age as the gold trio, however none that the 3 were great actors in the franchise.

They every got much better when they acquired out that the series.

It take it him some years to construct as one actor. His exhilaration is spot on in Horns because that example. In the HP movies... No so much.

The scene to be very cringy...ugh.. That did not act really well in the scene. Tho, i feel that was relatively believable in remainder of the movies...

That teeth baring point he does frequently is ~ above full screen there. Ns really choose the third movie, but some of the most cringey points (for me. We’re all different) are in it. I have really obtained to choose Daniel Radcliffe recently. No that i hated him.

I don't actually mind the "HE WAS your FRIEND!" but yeah it became a meme.

The thing I can't take it seriously is the crying. Then again lock were only kid actors.

I agree v a talk about the video clip that says once you close her eyes and listen to the scene, it's no bad. The physical acting was terrible though. You mean Harry come look a certain method after hearing him sob(?), yet when Hermione traction the coat off, the looks fine.

Daniel Radcliffe for his period was a pretty an excellent at acting! over there is a clip the him once he was favor 10 and, it bring me chills. That goes right into why he must go ~ Sirius for betraying his parents and watching that brings me chills... It readjusted my mind about him. In mine opinion,that line that should’ve make it right into the film. I still think that did great with what he had to work-related with. His acting does improve in the later on films. Plus, bother doesn’t have friends the would ever betray him and he values their loyalty. For his parental to have their finest friend carry out something choose that to them is painful because that Harry. I deserve to understand where you room coming native though!

It’s an ext believable in the book knowing bother is younger than Daniel was. They can put makeup or everything they want in movies, ns still watch them together older people and therefore this reaction was less believable.

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Since when? The key trio were all pretty close come the actual ages of the personalities give or take it a couple of months to a year

Yeah, the acting is truly horrible. The is just a child at the time, yet somehow he seemed to gain worse as he aged


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