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product Plastic
Brand Honeywell
Item dimensions LxWxH 5 x 4 x 2 inch
Item load 12 Ounces
number of Pieces 1


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simple to use is an huge understatement. I feed this off a 9v battery and also it would wake the dead - it certain as hell disturbs mine neighbors and also we don"t check out our cats for about a work after testing. The battery even fits ideal in the siren housing.It"s almost too simple. Dealing with Chinese products, I"ve pertained to expect issues, such as "documentation" the is somewhere between Sanskrit and a fortune cookie created by a male on an acid trip.It has actually screw-tightened terminals inside - location bare wire end in hole, and tighten - connection made. You supply power and also select which ton you desire by using that one"s terminal (one terminal provides you a secure howl, when the other emits a skin-crawling warble.) then attach your door or window or chastitybelt sensor - whatever. Excellent
yeah baby!Ok that the end of the way. Ns wired a 5v power supply come this horn, so when plugged in, it fires it"s ear ruining wobbly screeches. I then affix it to a clever outlet, which action a siren because that my door and motion sensors. A cheap means to include a siren to her DIY security setup. Placed it in a room with vaulted ceilings for extra ear piercing echoing sound.
I review someone"s review on here around how loud this thing was and also boy castle weren"t kidding. After ~ we installed it we contacted XFINITY to let them understand that we want to check it, ours previous speaker that we had through another agency wasn"t compatible therefore we had actually to to buy a brand-new one, and I don"t remorse it one bit. This alarm speak is so loud ns don"t also know just how to referee the distance from where you deserve to actually listen it, every I recognize is that any burglar hear that will piss themselves lol.
Using v a Konnected alarm system. Mine old alarm mechanism only had actually a speaker and also no driver so as soon as activated or deactivated it just a little one second blurp, i m sorry basically way it"s incompatible v Konnected.Instead of purchasing a separate driver i opted to simply replace the speaker and also looked at various other sirens/strobe combos however like lock say, "go v what friend know" and this was recommended by Konnected.I still need two sirens come cover my property and also only need one strobe so ns figured I"d purchase this and also continue in search of a siren/strobe combo or check out if ns could attach this together with a strobe. If anyone has actually recommendations I"m all ears.Thanks!
I put this siren in mine garage to test since I was expecting it to be as well loud to it is in in the same room.Nope. I can hear that going off in the garage, but it wasn"t for this reason loud that it would have been hear by a neighbor unless they had their windows open and also were sitting quietly.I purchase a 30W horn (warble and constant) for about the exact same money and you cannot be in the room once it"s walk off! It"s placed outdoors (this one is not intended because that outdoors) and also there is no means the next-door neighbors wouldn"t listen it.So, if you just want a local, indoor alarm, then this will work. But it"s no going to obtain anyone"s attention outside of that.

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so i have Samsung Smartthings which does not have actually a siren or alert system, after reading some that the comments below i chose to offer it a shot as i required something to sound once there is movement or door call is open. I likewise bought a compatible smart switch come plug the siren in. Many civilization suggested an altering the siren configuration to utilize various other sounds available but ns did no bother. Girlfriend will have to create brand-new automation in her smartthings application to do this work, i developed two scene, one to sound when motion is detected and another to switch off the siren native app, that’s every you need. Sound is loud sufficient for mine 4000 sq/ft home and also you deserve to hear that from every corner. However, comparing v your standard alarm agency sirens this one is no loud enough, but it does the job and also i am happy v it.