La Maquinaria Nortena is booked for march 15 as part of "Go Tejano Day." photograph courtesy that breed boy Show and Rodeo



The livestock Show and Rodeo picked the midnight hour to disclose its full 2015 concert lineup — and also what a lineup it is.

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The list, i beg your pardon was sent out to media in ~ 12:05 this morning, consists of an eclectic lineup, ranging from country stars Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson to pop star Ariana Grande, rock band autumn Out Boy and also the return the bilingual rapper Pitbull.

Sixteen of the 21 entertainers during collection to execute is this year"s edition march 3 – 22 space returnees.

The list contains Eric Church (opening night march 3 in his first appearance), john Legend (March 6 on black color Heritage Day), La Arrolladora Banda El Limón and also La Maquinaria Norteña on go Tejano work (March 15), Florida Georgia Line (March 18), and Luke Bryan (on close up door night march 22 as component of the super Shootout). In all, over there will be 15 reflects featuring nation stars, one R&B, three shows featuring pop/rock stars and also 1 display featuring noteno and banda groups.

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, Jan. 17, 10 a.m., v AXS Ticketing via The online Waiting Room opens up at 9 a.m. On Saturday, but fans deserve to register any kind of time at The brand-new AXS ticketing system is design to manage the Rodeo"s incredible initial ticket sales demand, recognize known scalpers and also even finding "robot" task of those brokers using computer systems to constantly hit the site.

AXS customers will be command to a virtual waiting room that allows customers to "arrive" an hour before ticket sales begin. Customers space shuffled and chosen at arbitrarily to enter the next step, the digital store, when tickets have the right to be purchase in a three-step procedure and then also forwarded with the mobile application to a friend. As buyers finish their transactions, an ext customers in the waiting room can get in the store.

E-ticket buyers receive their tickets for free, if those utilizing AXS will be charged $3.50 every ticket business fee, compared to the $4.25 that Ticketmaster charges. They can be purchased by phone, also (888-596-4201).

HLSR ticket may additionally be purchased there is no a business fee in ~ BBVA Compass stadion on Jan. 17 and at the SMG box office in ~ NRG Stadium beginning on Jan. 19.

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The full Rodeo 2015 lineup:

*Value Wednesdays incorporate $10 top level Rodeo tickets, plus worths throughout NRG Park.