I have taken a most road trips from mountain Diego, however this was the very first time i have ever before done the mountain Diego to Phoenix drive.

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It is actually quite a cheap trip from san Diego to Phoenix, yet my husband, Dan, and also I chose it would certainly be a fun way to explore places close to our home.


Phoenix provides for the perfect long weekend getaway. I would certainly recommend going native Thursday to Monday.

If you are interested in act this same road expedition then read on! i am going to offer you a complete breakdown of what you need to do and where you should stop along your expedition from mountain Diego to Phoenix.

HOW lengthy IS THE drive FROM san DIEGO come PHOENIX?

This drive is most definitely doable in a day; however, if you deserve to I recommend splitting the work up, so you can enjoy your stops. Comes in in ~ 355 miles long this trip need to take you around 5 hours and 30 minutes depending upon which course you take.

Essentially, there space two routes to obtain from san Diego to Phoenix and also vice versa. You deserve to take the I-8 or the I-10. Supposedly, the I-10 is the much more scenic route; yet it will certainly take girlfriend longer.


If you arrangement to take it the I-10 direct driving time would be 6 hours and 30 minutes.

For this article, us will emphasis on the quicker route along the federal government 8, i m sorry I consider to still it is in scenic. This route takes you ideal along the US/Mexico border. You will certainly go through multiple border stops and also see lots of border patrol cars along the way.

Be mindful not to acquire off the wrong exit and also accidentally finish up in Mexico, unless you carried your passport through you.


As you deserve to imagine, Phoenix gets warm in the summer months. You will be driving v the desert so store this in mind as again it will be hot out.

You will want to take it this into consideration as you setup your route. Several of the hikes i list below should no be excellent in the summer heat for security purposes.



If you choose to do this drive in the summer month then ns recommend friend make certain your auto is in pristine condition and your AC is functioning well. Nevertheless of i m sorry month you select to take her road pilgrimage your auto should be in an excellent shape together you will certainly be going with a pass on your method back indigenous Phoenix to san Diego.

This pass is steep and also hard on the car. There is radiator water liquid along the means in situation you require it, however let’s hope you don’t.

If you plan to go in the winter, then I would prepare for rain, which could make it difficult to do some the the stops i list below.

The finest time to take this road trip from Phoenix to mountain Diego and vice versa is in the spring or the fall.


If girlfriend can break-up up this drive into two days then you will have more time to enjoy these stops follow me the way. Pick and choose i m sorry spots you want to avoid at come customize your route!

If you have a child who does road trips fine then this is the perfect road pilgrimage for them. Each avoid is about an hour apart, for this reason it breaks up the expedition nicely. Also, a the majority of these attractions are boy appropriate. If the is not, I will certainly list it below.


On your means out to Phoenix I very recommend you make a protect against on Sunrise Highway. This is one of my most favorite clues in eastern San Diego.


The see is simply gorgeous. There space plenty of hike options out here, yet my personal favorite is Garnet Peak. There are a couple of routes because that this trail varying from 1-mile to 5-miles long.

If you setup your expedition out, friend could also go automobile camping up on sunrise highway and wake up for a gorgeous sunrise.


Jacumba hot Springs is a tiny town eastern of san Diego. It is desert land and contains a few things you have the right to do like visiting the desert see tower, boulder park, or taking a soak in the hot springs.

3. DESERT check out TOWER

The desert see tower is a unique stop come make follow me your way. We actually rented the ar for a night i beg your pardon you deserve to read all around here. You don’t need to stay the night, yet you can explore this tower for a small fee.




Dan and I had planned on doing this hike; yet the weather took a revolve for the worst and we did not desire to risk it. There space two courses to this hike. A 5-mile route and a 16-mile route. Both room long and treacherous and also not child friendly so ns heard.


If you carry out this trail you re welcome make certain to bring enough water and have a safety machine like the Garmin In with to reach someone together there is no cell-service on this trail.


My best regret is not protecting against at this sand dunes. I have actually seen some pretty epic pictures of this dunes and also for some factor we didn’t stop. I love the you can discover sand dunes like these for this reason close to mountain Diego.


These dunes space the biggest in the state. Friend can discover these dunes by foot there is no a permit, yet if you setup to operate recreational vehicles out right here like ATVs then you may need a permit.


Stop below to endure what a prisoner would have gone with in the 1800s in ~ Yuma State Prison. This place has actually now turned right into a museum and you deserve to tour it for $8/person.


Another fun protect against along the method is Dateland. This ar is well-known for that world-famous dates. Avoid by the take trip center and also pick up a milkshake do from dates. Dan and also I found a cool spot alongside the travel facility that was filled with Palm Trees and also was funny to explore!


Kids love this stop and it is straightforward as the is ideal on the next of the roadway in a gas station. Prevent by the shell and see the Gila bending Dinosaurs.

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Another good stop because that the kids and also a an excellent lunch stop. This is a hotel and also restaurant combined. Decorated with lots of space-age decor. That trippy!


I hope you have found this write-up helpful. I understand when i was to plan my drive from san Diego come Phoenix I found it difficult to uncover things to do.

There wasn’t much information regarding the stops I can make follow me the way; therefore, I want to develop this overview for you!

Let me know in the comments if friend have ever done this drive and also what stop you took pleasure in the most!

10 tremendous STOPS girlfriend CAN’T miss out on ON YOUR san DIEGO to PHOENIX DRIVE

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