Playing Middle-Earth: shadow of Mordor? This guide tells you exactly how much time you"ll require to collection aside from normal playthrough to complete completion.

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Split picture of Talion slaying Orc, Orc Tower and also fighting Sauron in Middle earth Shadow of Mordor

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Middle-Earth: shadow Of Mordor is one action-adventure epic the takes place in the dark, ominous lands ruled by dark forces, and also features lots of Orc hordes itching to loss our hero, Talion. Based on writing J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, this 2014 romp concentrates on the Gondorian Ranger and the apparition the Elf mr Celebrimbor, together they venture out to avenge your loved ones.

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v its vast, open-world locales, assorted collectibles, and also countless Orc troops stand in Talion's way, shadow Of Mordor brings a seemingly limitless amount the gameplay, an especially for those boldly attempting to finish the game. This overview will touch on the basic structure that the game's content, collectibles, and also goals. These details will certainly be tied with each other by highlighting the time required to end up the campaign and to complete the whole game.

how Long walk It take to Beat The Campaign and Complete the Game?

Shadow that Mordor facing Sauron in flames
together mentioned, campaign completion requires that you finish each that the 20 key missions. According to, players logged an mean of 15.5 hours for beating the main project of the main game, and also another four hours for the two DLC package combined. Therefore the main point content for the key game and DLC an unified offers about 20 hours of gameplay.

because that completionists, the task becomes a level tougher and longer. has actually players logging an average of 31.5 hours to tackle every of the main and also side missions, and collecting/viewing all the goodies mentioned over (Artifacts and also Ithildin). Turning solely to DLC full completion, this number is around seven hrs total. Thus, combining all of the key game and also DLC content together yields a lining 40 hours combined.

save in mind, this is most likely a conservative number, together it maybe doesn't variable in players gathering every abilities/upgrades or inevitably being slain through some tough Uruk Captains and Warchiefs — of i m sorry there are many. While fairly forgiving top top its default setting, raising the challenge can make this game as hard as nails. This way that deaths — and also hours logged — will likely be an ext plentiful.

Talion, Celebrimbor and Gollum in Wraith civilization in Middle planet Shadow of Mordor
The video game is open-ended in terms of exploration and tasks, and there are also some main missions that deserve to be completed the end of order. However, there is a main campaign throughline the players need to follow throughout your dark trip to finish the campaign. The video game plays a little like a "choose your very own adventure," which sometimes fractures into multiple arcs. This arcs need to be tackled in a provided order, despite players have the right to bounce native one story arc come another.

The game's key missions stand together the main point content, and also there room 20 in total, not consisting of the added DLC packs. Again, when the parameters are loose in terms of order and structure, these missions must be completed in some form to end up the campaign. The goals are as follows:

Shadow the Mordor Undun following Higon in dark rocky Mordor
Prologue start Mordor The heart of Mordor climbing the ranks The Warchief an Interested Party Shattered memory The One reality The Slaver The Outcasts The Monument

Location: The Sea that Nurn

Shadow the Mordor Talion overlooked cloudy Sea the Nurnen with cloud poking through
The Messenger Queen that the coast The power of the Wraith The cure The Rescue large Game searching Partners The an excellent White Graug Conclusion

mr of Mordor Mordor in Flames

over there are in addition a grasp of powerful enemies and bosses you'll need to target in between a few of these missions to progress the story.

There are additionally two DLC packs that add more content:

Lord the the Hunt, which revolves approximately the Dwarf-hunter Torvin, and also offers brand-new runes, skins, and also boss fights. The glowing Lord, a remote prequel come the main campaign that adds secondary chapter and enables you to regulate Celebrimbor. The project offers ten brand-new missions and permits you come clash v Sauron in a thrilling fight.

Both DLC package take about two hrs each to complete, or four hours every if you are chasing 100 percent completion for them.


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