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But it turns out snacking top top snot is a poor idea. Boogers catch invading viruses and also bacteria prior to they can get in your body, so eating boogers might expose your device to these pathogens.

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Narrator: Odds space you are surrounded by nose-pickers. It"s true.

In one study, 91% of adult admitted to picking their nose regularly. So chances are you"ve most likely mined for part juicy nose nuggets yourself.

But probably you didn"t stop there. Perhaps you ate those boogers too!

And it turns out, the slimy snack could hurt much more than just your social standing.

Let"s take a closer look at that booger. It"s mainly made of water, gel-like protein that give it that gooey consistency and also special immune proteins that fight off germs. Those immune protein are especially useful because boogers are teeming v harmful viruses, like influenza.

That"s the whole point, actually. Boogers offer as her body"s front-line defense versus invading germs. Once you breath in, you"re not just inhaling air. You"re also soaking up bacteria, viruses, and dirt. Which acquire trapped by a layer of difficult snot that lines her nostrils. It"s like fly document for the flu. And also as you proceed to breathe, waiting hardens the mucus right into a heavy booger, a gooey jail cell for her ensnared enemies. Now, normally, girlfriend can remove that bacteria-ridden round either when you sneeze or blow your nose.

But if you decide to eat the instead, it stands to factor that you"re placing yourself at risk of infection. Because as your body digests the booger, it deserve to release those harmful pathogens into your system.

Now, some civilization claim the eating your boogers deserve to strengthen her immune system. By training her body to recognize and also attack invading microbes. But, i m really sorry to say, there"s zero scientific evidence to support any health benefits from eating your boogers.

And besides, even if it is or no you eat your boogers just obtaining ahold the them deserve to be dangerous. Because that example, scratching up the inside of her nose opens up the door for a nasty bacteria that lurks under her fingernails, Staphylococcus aureus.

A 2006 study uncovered that nose-pickers were more likely to have actually Staph in their nose than those who abstain. And also that"s a big problem since Staph can reason serious abscesses or pus-filled pockets inside your nose and on her face. Even worse, if you save picking you can actually puncture your septum.

In one case, a 53-year-old woman managed to carve a hole right through she sinus. And if that sinus i do not care infected bad enough, it deserve to erode your skull, leave a door open for bacteria to march right right into your brain.

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To it is in fair, these are extreme scenarios. One time most likely won"t pains you. The following time you feel the urge to mine for green gold, simply grab a tissue.