If you’re seafaring the Condom Depot site, you may notice something peculiar: us sell prophylactics in both retail and bulk packs. So just what does that mean? And an ext importantly, i m sorry one saves you more money?


It every comes down to how countless condomsyou need and how much you're willing to pay for them.

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sleeve packs are exactly what you would certainly see once you go to buy prophylactics at your neighborhood store. They frequently come in three, twelve, or thirty-six counts, and also they come in boxes, prefer pictured above.

Why must you acquire retail boxes? sleeve boxes are an excellent if girlfriend really like boxes. Seriously. That's the only difference from our bulk packs-- castle come in a box. Usually, due to the fact that they come in these boxes, they are more expensive. As you can see ~ above the photo above, a retail box or 36 costs much more than a mass pack that 54.

Bulk Packs


Condom Depot is a FDA-certified repackaging facility. That means we are permitted to break down much larger situations of condoms, repackage them into heat-sealed containers, and also sell them. These condoms are never ever removed from their wrappers nor tampered withduring this process.

This is the same procedure that we go through as soon as making ours Condom Depot Samplers, by the way, and they look at very similar to ours samplers.

Why must you buy mass packs? Theyare method cheaper and usually come in far more varied counts than retail boxes. We sell mass packs in 12, 24, 54, 102, 252, and 504 counts, all of the exact same condom. This means that you finish up paying means less money for way more condoms. And also who doesn't desire that?

If you prefer the look and also cost of mass packs however want an ext variety, shot looking in ~ our sampler package instead.



Sometimes, you might see us offering cases on particular products. If it's being offered on the Condom Depot site, don't worry-- anyone have the right to buy them! our wholesale commodities are offered on an entirely different site. Therefore if you want to buy a case of 3,000 condoms and it's on our website? walk nuts! These condoms are in free-floating strips in a box roughly the size of two shoe box together. Cases of prophylactics are a lot smaller than you'd think, andare packed to the brim v prophylactic goodness.

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This contains our clearance condoms!

If you're interested in our wholesale prices, please give us a contact at (813)-885-4400. We'd be happy toassist.