Shelly Tresvant who is also known as Shelly Jean has become a huge name fan to her partnership with singer Ralph Tresvant as his childhood love, mom to 3 the his children, and as his very first and ex-wife.

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Despite being in a connection with Ralph since she was about 11 years, Shelly tho watched her marriage crumbled. Several sites have asserted the marriage ended due to Ralph’s unfaithfulness v the mrs he later on married, Amber Serrano.

As a an outcome of the marriage that lasted only a few years, Shelly follow to reports live to see herself gain arrested and also start come abuse drugs.

With the condition attached come both Ralph and Shelly, there’s a thirsty for civilization to know much more about them and their marriage. Here’s what us know around Shelly Tresvant and also her sad life together the wife of Ralph Tresvant.

10 Facts about Shelly Tresvant no one Told You

Shelly Tresvant v children: Na’Quelle, Mariah, and also Ralph Jr. (Image Source)

1. Who Is Shelly Tresvant?

Shelly Jean was born in America and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

She lives many of she life far from the media despite been married to a renowned American singer. As a result, there is only restricted information about her.

Her ex-husband Ralph ‘Rizz’ Tresvant – an American singer, songwriter, actor, and also producer who is greatly remembered together the command vocalist of the R&B music group, brand-new Edition.

2. She started Dating Ralph when She to be 11

The love story of Ralph and also Shelly is dated as far earlier as the time they to be kids. Shelly just 11they started dating – possibly Ralph was the same age or slightly older.

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3. Shelly Tresvant dated Ralph because that 14 Years

Shelly remained in a partnership with Ralph for much more than a decade prior to they top for marital relationship in a personal ceremony the was graced through family and friends.

4. She Is A Grandmother

Shelly Tresvant grandchildren (Instagram)

From her relation through Tresvant, Shelly invited three youngsters – 2 daughters Na’Quelle Ladawn Tresvant and Mariah Tresvant; and also a child Ralph Tresvant Jr.

Of the three children, Her an initial Na’Quelle ended up being married to Darius King D Smith and together, castle share 3 children.

5. 2 Of Her children Are Singers

Her daughter Na’Quelle is one R&B heart singer who likewise runs a company Kingland R&T Music team with her husband.

Shelly’s just son Ralph Tresvant Jr. Is a pop singer known for ‘Don’t Stop’. He is also a model and also social media influencer.

6. Her Ex-Husband Is Married to His Fan and The Lady He to be Accused the Cheating On her With

Amber Serrano and also Ralph Tresvant (Image Source)

After Shelly and Ralph parted ways, he started dating Amber Serrano who had been his pan for countless years. Also, there are various reports that indicate that Ralph to be cheating top top Shelly v Amber.

Having dated because that 8 years, Serrano and also Ralph went front to tie the knot in a dual wedding v his friend and member the the new Edition group, Ricky Bell and his wife, Amy Correa.

In your marriage, the pair welcomed a child Dakari Tresvant who aspires to end up being a singer choose his father.

In 2020, an additional rumour began that Ralph Tresvant may have actually separated from his wife and started date the singer and also lead singer that DeBarge, El DeBarge’s ex Monique DeBarge.

7. She accused Didn’t have A residence After The Divorce

Following the divorce, Shelly supposedly started to use drugs and also even came to be homeless in Atlanta. While other sources declared Tresvant Jr. Disclosed the his mom suffered problem abuse and lost she home, rather say he refuse the allegations around his mother.

8. Wherein Is Shelly Tresvant Now?

Since Shelly has for a long time continued to be away from the media, that is difficult to say just how she is faring or she is married or also has an additional man in her life.

Nevertheless, she is believed to live a exclusive life in Atlanta.

9. Shelly Tresvant network Worth

Shelly Tresvant career has actually not to be disclosed to the public. Hence, the is difficult to gain a hold of her network worth.

Ralph Tresvant has actually a network worth the $8 million. That made his riches through his music career together a solo artist and also band member of brand-new Edition v Bobby Brown, Michael, Bivins, Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe, and also Johnny Gill.

Also, Tresvant is an actor that featured in a number of movies whereby he included to his earnings amidst popularity.

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10. She Height

Shelly is above 5 feet tall. However, her specific height is quiet under review at the moment of this writing.