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Time & forever > 11. “How many times these low feet staggered”
Emily Dickinson (1830–86).  Complete Poems.  1924.
Part Four: Time and also Eternity XI
HOW plenty of times these short feet staggered,
Only the soldered mouth deserve to tell;
Try! can you line the horrible rivet?
Try! can you background the hasps of steel?
Stroke the cool forehead, hot so often,        5
Lift, if you can, the listless hair;
Handle the adamantine fingers
Never a thimble an ext shall wear.
Buzz the dull paris on the room window;
Brave shines the sun through the freckled pane;        10
Fearless the cobweb swings from the ceiling—
Indolent housewife, in daisies lain!
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