October 1, 2020 / Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong / Comments off on execute I need to acquire weight because that a Brazilian target Lift?

Do I need to obtain weight for a Brazilian butt Lift?

It depends. Since a BBL (Brazilian butt Lift) is a fat move procedure, you will certainly need sufficient donor fat come transplant come the buttocks. The donor fat can come from her abdomen, sides, back, thighs, or arms. Most of the time, also in thin patients, enough fat have the right to be harvested to achieve a good result (SEE video OF A RECENT situation BELOW). However, very thin patients (BMI less than 20) might need to obtain some load to enlarge their fat cells sufficient to be harvested. . However remember, getting weight doesn’t rise the variety of fat cell you have–it only makes her fat cell larger and fluffier, making them easier to harvest and transfer. Also, if you shed weight ~ the fat is transferred, the transferred fat will shrink along with the fat in the rest of your body.

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If you are a slim patient and think you carry out not have enough fat because that a fat transfer surgery, us recommend setting up a consultation v a surgeon who is proficient with patients who have little fat. Throughout your consultation, Dr. Truong will have the ability to evaluate even if it is you room a good candidate and if the is possible to attain a an excellent result.

Lipo360 with BBL – Liposuction of abdomen, flanks, back,autologous fat transfer to buttocks 800cc each side3 month post-op. Outcomes will vary from patience to patient.Patient underwent Lipo 360 and Brazilian target Lift by Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong through 900cc every side.

See an ext before and also after image on our collection page.

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See this Lipo360 & Brazilian butt Lift video of a really thin patient that only had a BMI 18

This patient had actually a BMI the 18 and also wanted come add much more fullness to she buttocks v Lipo360 & Brazilian butt Lift Fat Transfer.

Who is the right candidate because that the Brazilian butt Lift procedure?

The appropriate candidates because that a BBL have BMI between 25 and 30.  Patient’s with BMI over 30 might actually require to lose weight to come to be a an excellent candidate for a BBL. However, BMI or human body Mass index doesn’t constantly tell the whole story. Other determinants to consider are body type and anatomy that fat distribution (where you keep your fat). An extremely muscular people may in reality have greater BMI because of increased weight, however are very lean, make fat harvesting difficult. An experienced BBL surgeon will have the ability to assess you and tell you if girlfriend have enough fat come harvest because that a fat deliver to the buttocks. The or she will also be able come make referrals on just how to attain an ideal weight and BMI before your surgical procedure to assist you gain the outcomes you are in search of with your Brazilian target Lift!