During this time of enhanced working native home and also remote learning, additional an are in your home is in ~ a premium. One egress home window converts your basement an are into an ext livable space for second bedroom, a home office or a family members room. Not only does the create an ext comfortable room to live, it can additionally significantly add to the resale worth of her home.

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Are Egress windows Worth It?

Worried the your basement bedroom does not legally qualify together a bedroom? over there is a settle for that, however is it yes, really worth it? us attempt to answer that question by analyzing the worth egress windows add to your home resale value across different markets.

An egress window can include substantial value to your residence and allows you to legally industry a basement an are as a bedroom. Exactly how much worth does an escape home window add? It counts on her house and your location. Egress windows are, however, among the couple of projects in which friend can fully recover your cost, and also then some, in resale value. 

Even if you spending as much as $6000 dollars for experienced installation, you have the right to market your new space as an additional bedroom (assuming you satisfy qualifications such as a closet and minimum 10’ by 10’ area) as soon as it come time to market your house. 

Calculating the value of Egress Windows?

Research the present average worth for livable space in your neighborhood to calculation the potential included value because that the new living an are in your home. It’s a provided that second bedroom contributes come the marketability of your home. Our formula multiplies the square footage of the additional livable an are with the average residence price per square foot in her market, and also then division that complete in half to identify that finished basement bedrooms generally appraise for in between 50-70% of the above-ground value. This offered value is identified by a variety of determinants such as the quality of the finishes, if there is a walk-out or not, and also how the an are stacks approximately other dwellings in the area.

The formula is to express as: 

(Average house Price every square foot) X (New Basement Square Footage) X (O.5)

Using this formula, we analyzed the value egress windows add to residence resale values across different markets. 

CityAverage house Sales Price / Sq. Ft.Average Value included from 12x12 Basement Bedroom
Seattle, WA$488$35,136
Denver, CO$311$22,392
Chicago, IL$223$16,056
Pittsburgh, PA$144$10,368
Atlanta, GA$214$14,408
San Jose, CA$685$49,320
Des Moines, IA$146$10,512
Madison, WI$170$12,240
Minneapolis, MN$185$13,320
Boise, ID$225$16,200
Birmingham, MI$280$20,160

Additional services of Egress Windows

SafetyLegally sector basement room as a bedroomIncreased organic lightingBetter ventilationReplacing an existing basement home window with more secure windowMore comfortable space for work-related from residence & far schoolingCan be installed virtually anywhere in your basement

Consider installing an egress home window to your home if you would favor to include livable an are and value to her home, make your house safer and also brighten the ambiance of her basement. Ours DIY egress window kits cost only a portion of the value you will watch in the return on her investment.

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Theo Stephens


Entrepreneur and also inventor Theo Stephens engineered a better way to download egress windows, by developing a patented process over the course of his Brighter Basements team installing hundreds of escape windows. The proven development of his stole ExoFrame™ style saves installation time and also money while providing greater structure integrity and security. He started Bright Idea Egress to make his complete egress window kit and also efficient installation procedure available come homeowners and installers nationwide.