ns would favor to stop frying my computer. I understand dust collects inside on the boards and also the CPU cooling unit. How regularly should I open up up the chassis and also what procedure should I use to safely eliminate the dust?



This depends significantly on how dusty your home is. I open mine up every few months, and use part pressurized air to blow the end all the vents, etc.

You"ll desire to pay special attention come the areas that usually gain hot - for instance, the CPU. Make sure there"s appropriate air circulation through the system, and also if you revolve your computer off a lot, you"ll an alert a accumulation on the fans as well.

If girlfriend live in a dusty area, or are a smoker, you"ll desire to carry out this on a really regular basis.

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Its a good idea to run temp monitoring software application in your systray (like motherboard monitor) to watch the ambient/Cpu temps - this have to allay your pertains to with frying her machine. Frequently if your CPU cooling / situation ventilation pan are set up properly, friend SHOULDN"T have cooling problems.

Most modern-day cases have actually filters ~ above the fans that draw air into the situation as well.

That said, compressed waiting is your finest bet. Unless your home is at sight dusty or you"re a smoker, opportunities are you can acquire by blowing the out with an waiting duster a few times a year.

Your key cleaning areas should it is in

CPU heatsink/fan assemblymotherboard chipset fan assemblypowersupply if accessiblecase fanshard drives.

Don"t dust.

Air in a can instead.

If her fans seem come be accelerating sooner 보다 before, that time because that a clean. Thats the preeminence I go by.

Best exercise is to store the area clean though!


I think many users have to never dust the inside of their computer.

I won"t to speak that ns haven"t done that with my pc ever, yet I do recognize that I deserve to count the times I have done the on one hand. Yet then I"m not prefer "most users".

If you keep your computer system area clean and dust cost-free as lot as possible around the exterior of her computer, most computers should critical a couple of years without within dusting. However I personally open up mine every 6-12 months just to offer it a good compressed wait blast.

Personally, ns clean my computer at the very least once a month just to alleviate the accumulation inside. Disconnect the cables, take it the motherboard out, clean the casing and the fans, and also put them back in.

It"s fairly dusty wherein I live, and also since us don"t have airconditioning, that"s what we generally do.

Don"t bother. By the time there is sufficient dust to reason a problem, the computer system is more than likely obsolete. =)

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