therealtati or Tati Mitch, is a 22-year-old known for she hilarious point-of-view (POV) reaction TikToks.

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Mitchell’s comedy skits, dance, lip-sync and POV videos have actually earned her4.6 millionTikTok followers,95,000YouTube subscribers and 215,000 Instagram pendant at the time of writing.

Who is Tati Mitchell?

The Detroit aboriginal started making videos after see funny reaction TikToks on she “For You” page.

“I love to make human being laugh, and when I observed all this hilarious reactions, ns was left screaming! They’re every so funny. So I want to take it my shot at it,” Mitchell toldBuzzFeed.

Mitchell certainly forged her route in tik history. She is the originator that the popularTikTok sound, “He has no lips! exactly how will he obtain a kiss kiss? very ugly, no kiss for him!”

She was additionally a member ofHouse the US,a TikTok collective formed come encourage customers to vote.

Mitchell go out up on tiktok after collabing routinely with Devin Caherly.

If you’re regularly on TikTok, friend probably recognize Mitchell from her videos with fellow content creatorDevin Caherly. The two began working together organically ~ Mitchell dueted among his videos.

“It’s hilarious; I began off simply being like, ‘Let me duet this boy, he has funny videos!’ and also then civilization kept tagging me in his videos, and also then he started reacting to mine videos and going together with it,” Mitchell toldBuzzFeed.

When Mitchell and also Caherly started collaborating regularly, they took on the name “Tevin” among fans. Among theirmost popularvideos with each other is from as soon as Caherly flew Mitchell indigenous Detroit to new Jersey to view him in human in July 2020.


Y’all really trying come bash me for points I never ever did…

♬ cacao Jones yes i did the – daniel leon-kit

The duo’s partnership budded into an alleged romance that caused some major online drama. (It’s unclear whether the partnership was real or just for views, yet fans had actually fun through it either way.)

As the two developed their audiences, things began to get rocky. Today, though, the 2 still it seems to be ~ to it is in friends, and also they will regularly duet each other’s videos and leave flirty comments because that each other.

Mitchell endangered to leave tiktok in September, however eventually come back.

In September 2020, Mitchell claimed that tiktok had come to be toxic and said she could quit.

“I love every one of my faithful supporters, however the lot of dislike TikTokers received is unbelievable. Accurate affects ours mental health and wellness so bad,” Mitchellwrote. “I’ll be moving my platform end to mine YouTube channel whereby I’ll be posting every week. Tik is extremely toxic i literally can’t take it anymore.”

Meanwhile, Mitchell and also Caherly were involved in apublic feudwhere they accused each other of infidelity.


the lies…
vaggianna3 y’all ruined us.

♬ original sound – tribranchvo

Mitchell, however, didn’t quit TikTok and also she handle her worries with Caherly the best method she knew how: v humor.

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