Bill Hader speak at the 2013 san Diego Comic Con worldwide (Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Bill Hader is a Comedian, Actor, Producer, Writer indigenous Tulsa, Oklahoma, unified States, Bill Hader was born ~ above June 7, 1978, and is at this time 43 years old. Invoice Hader"s height is 6 ft 1 in or 185.5 cm.

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Bill Hader an easy Information
NameBill Hader
Height6 ft 1 in or 185.5 cm
Weight80 kg or 176.5 lbs
BirthdayJune 7, 1978
Zodiac SignGemini
Born PlaceTulsa, Oklahoma, unified States
Birth NameWilliam thomas Hader Jr.
Nick Name(s)Bill

More information besides Bill Hader height

Bill Hader Best recognized forBeing a component of the collection South Park and Saturday Night LiveHis work in You, Me and Dupree, Night in ~ the Museum: fight of the Smithsonian, Men in Black 3, and Maggie’s Plan
Bill Hader Born place / ResidenceLos Angeles, California, joined States
Bill Hader Brand EndorsementsBill has been a component of assorted commercials choose –Planters (2015) (Voice Over)Pringles Superbowl (2018)T-Mobile (2013)XFINITY (2016)Apple iphone 6s (2015)
Bill Hader BuildSlim
Bill Hader Distinctive FeaturesTall height
Bill Hader Education BackgroundBill has actually attended several colleges like Cascia hall Preparatory School, Patrick Henry primary school School, and Edison small High. He then went to complete his graduation in ~ Scottsdale ar College but dropped out of that midway.He additionally attended The art Institute of Phoenix.
Bill Hader Eye ColorBlue
Bill Hader FactsHe is a pan of crime shows.Bill provided to have actually panic attacks while going on stage before SNL shows. He provided to execute Lamaze breathing exercises v his mam to calm down before the shows.He want to it is in a director as soon as he an initial moved come Los Angeles.Bill is allergic to peanuts.He was not able to acquire into the colleges of his an option since he can not get an excellent grades.Bill is one avid reader.He had additionally worked as a an individual assistant to Arnold Schwarzenegger top top the set of Collateral Damage.Before fame, he had likewise worked together a limousine driver.He is a member that a group called Animals indigenous the Future.His greatest influences for comedy have actually been Monty Python and also This Is Spinal Tap.He was the producer because that the 13th season of South Park.Once if shooting for an episode for Finding her Roots, he uncovered that he is among the progeny of Charlemagne and King Edward i of England.Hader gained his significant breakthrough in the display Saturday Night Live where he made his debut top top October 1, 2005. He, later on, left the show due to the fact that he and also his wife had to travel commonly to Los Angeles.He has functioned as a manufacturing assistant in a many of movies like Scorpian King, Surreal Life, etc.Bill greatly spends his time reading and also watching films.He never really right in his friend circle if he was in school.He isn’t active on society media.
Bill Hader FamilyFather – William cutting board Hader (Restaurant Manager, van Driver, Part-time Comedian)Mother – Sherri Renee (Dance Teacher)Siblings – Katie Hader (Younger Sister), Kara Hader (Younger Sister)
Bill Hader First FilmHe do his theatrical movie debut as mark in You, Me and Dupree in 2006.As a voice actor, the made his theatrical movie debut together Soldier Sam in Doogal in 2006.
Bill Hader First TV ShowHe make his TV present debut as field Agent ~ above Punk’d in April 2005.As a voice actor, the made his TV display debut ~ above Late Night through Conan O’Brien in 2006. However, he to be uncredited because that his role.He made his credited TV present debut as a voice gibbs on Xavier: Renegade Angel in 2009.
Bill Hader Genre(s)Improvisational Comedy, character Comedy, sketch Comedy, and Insult Comedy
Bill Hader Girlfriend / SpouseHader has actually dated –Maggie Carey (2005-2018) – Bill and writer-director Maggie Carey began dating in 2005 and then acquired married come each various other in 2006. They have 3 daughters with each other namely Hannah Kathryn Hader (b. October 2009), Harper Hader (b. July 2012), and Hayley Hader (b. November 2014). Lock announced their separation in 2017 and filed because that divorce in December and on march 1, 2018, they both were declared singles.
Bill Hader Hair ColorDark Brown
Bill Hader ManagerBill is represented by unified Talent company (Talent Agency), Beverly Hills, California, joined States.
Bill Hader OccupationComedian, Actor, Producer, Writer
Bill Hader Personal TrainerBill was checked out on a TV show called What The right along v Kevin Hart whereby they were trying out assorted fitness tools that reflects Bill is a fitness enthusiast and also likes to store himself fit.
Bill Hader Race / EthnicityWhiteHe has actually German, Danish, Irish, French Huguenot, and also English ancestry.

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Bill Hader Sexual OrientationStraight

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