Candace Cameron Bure fast Info
Height5 ft 2 in
Weight51 kg
Date the BirthApril 6, 1976
Zodiac SignAries
Eye ColorBlue

Candace Cameron Bure is one American actress, producer, author, and also talk display panelist who obtained acclaim v her function as D.J. Tanner/D.J. Tanner-Fuller in Fuller House. Moreover, she has also been cast in several various other shows and also movies in roles such together Megan White in St.

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, Summer valve Horne in Make that or break It, Aurora Teagarden in Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick, Cynthia in Faith of our Fathers, Cassandra in The Wager, Jennifer “Jenny” Foster in Growing Pains, Megan Walsh in The heart of Christmas, Julia Fielding in I saw What friend Did, Millie in Boy Meets World, Courtney Dearborn in That’s therefore Raven, and also Carrie in Punchline.

Born Name

Candace Helaine Cameron

Nick Name


Candace Cameron Bure at Time Warner Cable Media Cabletime upfront occasion at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Candace Cameron Facts

Cameron suffered from bulimia nervosa (eating disorder) in her at an early stage twenties.Her other publications include Balancing the All: my Story the Juggling Priorities and Purpose, Dancing v Life: procedures of Courage and also Conviction, and Kind is the brand-new Classy: The power of life Graciously.After beginning this present business, the first acting task she did was filming the unaired commercial for “Mutual that Omaha Insurance”.She to know a tiny bit that Spanish. She learned it as soon as she remained in Madrid, Spain v her family for a pair of months in the summer of 1992.Her last surname is pronounced together “Bur-Ray”.She, together with her family, was once readily available a fact show, however she rubbish saying the they space not interesting enough.In 2005, she to be placed at #100 in VH1’s “The Greatest: 100 greatest Kid Stars”.She is a conservative Republican.