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What go Darius Rucker perform for a living?Who space Darius Rucker’s parents and also siblings?What space Darius Rucker’s interests and hobbies?Is Darius Rucker married or does he have actually a girlfriend?Does Darius Rucker have any type of children?Where is Darius Rucker now?How tall is Darius Rucker?How lot money does Darius Rucker earn?What is Darius Rucker’s network worth?

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Who is Darius Rucker?

Darius Carlos Rucker is an American singer and songwriter. At first he obtained reputation as the lead vocalist and also rhythm guitarist of rock tape Hootie & the Blowfish. He established the tape in 1986 in ~ the college of southern Carolina along note Bryan, Jim ”Soni” Sonefeld and Dean Felber. The tape recorded and released 5 studio albums through him together a member and charted six optimal 40 hits at the Billboard hot 100. He later on co-wrote many of the songs through the various other members.

Rucker released a solo R&B album, ago to climate in 2002 on covert Beach Recordings, however no singles from the charted. The signed to Capitol Nashville as a nation song singer 6 years later, releasing the album, find out to Live that year. Its first single, ”Don’t Think ns Don’t Think around It” made the the very first black artist to achieve number one in ~ the Hot country Songs charts since Charley proud in 1983. Two more number one singles followed, ”It Won’t Be like This because that Long” and ”Alright” and also the number 3 hit ”History in the Making”.

Darius ended up being the first black American to win the new Artist compensation from the nation Music association in 2009 and also the second black person to win any type of award from the association. ~ above October 12, 2010, a second album, Charleston, SC 1966, to be launched including the number one singles, ”Come earlier Song” and also ”This”. His third country album True believers (2013) reach No. 2 top top the us Billboard 200 and also No. 1 at the us Top country Albums Billboard chart. Singles ”True Believers” (#24), ”Wagon Wheel” (#1) and ”Radio” (#14) all chart ~ above the Billboard U.S. Nation charts.


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Darius Rucker’s Age

Born on might 13, 1966 in Charleston, southern Carolina, U.S. Darius Carlos Rucker is age 55 together of 2021. He share a birthday with various well known celebrities such together Romelu Lukaku, Robert Pattinson, Dennis Rodman, clear Leone, Stevie Wonder, Bea Arthur, Jim Jones, Tommy Dorfman and many more.

Darius Rucker’s Family

Darius Rucker’s Parents

Rucker was born and raised in Charleston, south Carolina to a single mother, Carolyn. His mother was a nurse at clinical University of south Carolina. His father was never around as he remained in a gospel band recognized as The travelling Echoes and also Rucker witnessed him only prior to church top top Sundays.

They were economically poor and onetime, his mother, her sisters, his grandmother and also 14 kids were all dwelling in a 3-bed room house. Rucker had actually a common Southern African-American upbringing and also his family attended church every Sunday. His mother passed away in November 1992 the a heart attack.

Darius Rucker’s Siblings

Born to a solitary mom, Darius Rucker to be born in a family members of 6 youngsters. He to be raised along with his 3 sisters and also brothers. His only recognized sister is L’Corine.

Darius Rucker’s Education

Information ~ above Rucker’s high school education is not recognized but it is clear that he attend the college of southern Carolina.

Darius Rucker’s Interests

Darius is a pan of southern Carolina Gamecocks, Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Reds. He is likewise a fan of the movie Stir Crazy, as he has watched it much more than 100 times. Rucker is a golf lover as he was a VIP guest of Team USA on the 2016 Ryder Cup and attended Arnold Palmer’s funeral shortly prior to the Cup. The is an in similar way a girlfriend of golfer Tiger Woods and sang in ~ his wedding and likewise at his father’s funeral.

Rucker came to be a partner in MGC Sports, a sports company presently representing golfers, soccer players and also coaches. He would work-related without limitations for golfers, together he was no registered with the NFL players’ union, he initially would only have the ability to meet through NFL player under very limited circumstances.

Darius regularly functioned with charities that assist sick and underprivileged children. The did this via advantage concerts, volunteering, the people Golf Foundation’s The first Tee Program, and also the Hootie & The Blowfish Foundation. The charities raised virtually $4.5 million to administer funding come public education systems throughout southern Carolina.

He serves as a board member of the MUSC Children’s Hospital in Charleston, SC, where his mom functioned for over 30 years. Rucker has actually helped progressive million the dollars to assist develop a brand new hospital. That is an in similar way committed to assistance St. Jude Children’s study Hospital and also has spearheaded an annual event leading to over $1.6 M elevated for St. Jude’s come date.

Darius Rucker’s Spouse

Rucker remained in a connection with his girlfriend Elizabeth Ann Phillips and on April 21, 1995 she provided birth to his first child, Carolyn Pearl Phillips.

In 2000 Rucker married Beth Leonard and his 2nd daughter, Daniella rose was born on may 16, 2001. In 2005, the couple has a son, Jack. After 20 years in marital relationship together Rucker and Leonard divorced in 2020. Darius is presently in a relationship with American comedian, actress and model, Kate Quigley.

Darius Rucker’s Kids

Rucker has actually 3 youngsters collectively indigenous his preceding relationships. He has one child, a daughter, Carolyn Pearl Phillips born ~ above April 21, 1995 come his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Ann Phillips. He has two kids, a daughter Daniella Rose, born might 16, 2001 and also a son Jack, born 2005 to his ex-wife Beth Leonard.

Darius Rucker’s Career

Rucker’s an initial country Christmas album residence for the Holidays (2014) got to No. 31 in ~ the united state Billboard 200 chart and also No. 7 in ~ the US country Chart. The fourth country album, Southern layout (2014) reached No. 6 (US Billboard 200) and No. 7 (Billboard united state Top country Albums, respectively. Singles ”Homegrown Honey” (#6) and also ”Southern Style” (#8) both chart on the U.S. Country charts in 2014 and 2015. ~ above January 6, 2016, Rucker announced the was functioning on his fifth nation album through the lead single ”If ns Told You” been released to country radio ~ above July 5, 2016.

Rucker returned to the C2C: nation to country festival in the UK in march 2017, wherein he was second at the invoice to Reba McEntire. Rucker perform the national anthem on may 29, 2016 prior to the 100th to run of the Indianapolis 500. He in addition performed the national anthem because that a game in between the Buffalo Bills and also the new York jet on September 15. Darius agreed to perform the tune on the behest of an individual friend and also former bills player Bruce Smith, who jersey was being retired the night. The sang the nationwide anthem again before the Saints-Dolphins video game held at London’s Wembley stadion in October 2017, as a component of the NFL international Series.

Rucker’s latest nation album when Was the last Time (2017) charted #8 at the us Billboard 200 and # 2 in ~ the us Top country Albums (Billboard). He showed up as a mentor on seventeenth season that The Voice because that Team Blake. He introduced Beers and Sunshine in respectable 2020 under Capitol Records.

Where walk Darius Rucker live?

Rucker formerly lived in his home state of south Carolina and also currently stays in his new Nashville home in Tennessee. He moved right right here with his 16-year old boy Jack in June 2020. He is a neighbor to Brett Young, chase Rice, Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

Darius Rucker’s Height

American singer-songwriter, Guitarist and musician, Darius Rucker has a physical elevation of 5 ft. 10 in (1.78 m)matching his well-built human body of load 75 kg.

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Darius Rucker’s net Worth

Singer and songwriter Darius Carlos Rucker has been active since 1986 come date and has diverse music category inclusive rock, pop, R&B, blues and country together a vocalist and also guitarist. He has actually an approximated net precious of $16 million together of 2021.