The parking brake is over there to store your vehicle from roll away, or placing an excessive load on your transmission. Yet it may require one adjustment native time to time. Find out just how to adjust the parking brake on her Chevrolet Silverado through this article.

This article applies to the Chevy Silverado GMT900 (2007-2013).

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The parking brake fulfills many roles necessary to the safety and well gift of critical components prefer your transmission and axles. Contradictory to well-known belief, the parking brake isn"t one emergency brake and surely isn"t for drifting. It"s over there to make certain that her truck doesn"t roll away if parked ~ above a gradient, and additionally to make certain your infection gears aren"t heavily loaded by the load of the van while parked. You deserve to think of them as a cushion the holds the load of the truck. The an ext you use your parking brake, the an ext the mechanism weakens, and also therefore needing an adjustment. This is a basic task, but if you aren"t acquainted with cars, you need to visit a shop.

Materials NeededJack and jack standsLug seed wrenchRatchet wrench12mm socket5/8" open wrenchPliers of flat head screwdriver

Step 1 – loosen lug nuts and also raise truck

Use the lug nut wrench to partly loosen the rear lug nuts. Then, find the suitable spot in prior of the rear wheel to place your jack. Lift increase the truck about six inch or so. Usage the lug seed wrench again to fully remove the nuts, and also dismount the tire. Make sure to constantly support the truck with jack stands.

Figure 1. Ease lug nuts.
Figure 2. Constantly use jack represents safety.

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Step 2 – remove brake assembly

In order come gain access to the adjusting device for the parking brake, you have to dismount the disc brake caliper native the rotor itself. For this, you will usage a ratchet wrench and a 12mm. You might need a 5/8" open up wrench to usage as a counter balance for one of the top bolts. Undo the 3 bolts, and also you"ll be able to slide out the caliper turn off of the rotor. Together a last step, slide the rotor turn off to expose the parking brake mechanism.

Figure 3. Undo bolts behind the caliper.
Figure 4. Caliper must slide appropriate out.

Step 3 – change parking brake

Now that the parking brake system is exposed, look at the brake assembly and refer come the rotary dial situated at in in between 12 and 1 o"clock. Friend will notification that the rotate dial is linked to a bolt the pushes out the parking brake shoes, happen the shoes closer to the rotor and also essentially "tightens" the braking tension. Readjust this dial using the pliers until the pair of shoes are more up than their existing state. Tighten a pair of transforms at a time, and test resistance through remounting rotor, if observing exactly how much an ext friction over there is in in between the pads as well as the rotor. If over there isn"t enough friction, eliminate rotor and turn dial more. This needs some trial and error.

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Figure 5. The parking assembly through the rotor removed.
Figure 6. Use pliers or level head to turn dial till desired setting is found.

Step 4 – wrap up

Now the you"ve found the right setup for your parking brake, it"s time to mountain everything earlier up and enjoy a nice and also tight parking brake. Here are the actions in order to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Mount rotorInstall and also bolt down caliperMount tireHand-tighten lug nutsLower down carTighten lug nuts