My dad and also I developed him a practice flatbed for his 2000 Toyota Tundra the end of wood. Neither of us is yes, really tooled or competent in functioning with metal so as soon as the readjust is mad from the metal of the frame to the timber , then the building and construction is lot the same as structure a deck. And it is much easier to fix , and also just plain cool

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First we required to remove the old choose up bed. This one had some significant rust point out and large holes in the fenders and the bottom the the bed itself, this is just one of the factors my dad want to replace the bed. On the 2000 Tundra over there were 6 bolts that required removed they were so rusted top top there and also we did not care about reusing or trying to conserve the old bed so we just reduced everything off with an edge grinder. In stimulate to break the bed loose from the framework we just placed a floor jack under one side climate the other pressing up until the bed to be loose, then due to the fact that we had accessibility to the we used a cable and tractor with a front bucket to life the bed off.


Now with the bed turn off it\"s a good time to fix up the truck if it has any issues , in this situation my Dad chose to have it repainted and get brand-new wheels and also tires , and have one Android head unit mounted , and also we sanded under the frame and primed it to prevent any future rusting


The crucial to this job is the shift from metal to wood , our frame is made of two parallel 4x6s pressure treated which run lengthy ways on optimal of the frame and also we respond to sunk some large lag bolts with the beams and also into holes us drilled in the frame. The bolts had actually washers top top both ends and also threadlocker as this will be vibrating alot. When the key beams are attached it\"s all carpentry like structure a deck. Our long beams are the 2 4x6s , these are crossed by 6 4x4s additionally pressure treated, us notched both to expropriate each various other so we had actually a flush surface and stronger joints, these cross beams were glued and lag screwed together Our brand-new bed was longer than the old this the old bumper come off and also we changed it with a pressure treated 6x6 the we attached under the critical 4x4 v lag screws and glue


This is most likely the most complex step in the procedure just since it takes part trial and error come get third party global tail lights to play nice v the Toyotas cable harness. For united state we gained two new tail lights a brand-new license bowl Light and also this rope light turn signal every from Amazon every with poor instructions , so in order to perform some trial and error wiring I offered wire nuts come hook everything up and also test real quick. After every little thing was functioning I went earlier and hooked everything up with butt connectors and also heat shrink tubing and wrapped it every with electrical tape to keep it weather chop


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Now just lay your decking of selection on height we used regular decking boards which were simply sealed v polyurethane they were laid long ways and screwed under , then some nice edge trim was put on every the way around and it was done

As the bed is now it\"s simply a simple flatbed yet in the future we room planning on installing some tool boxes and some tie under anchors , the quite thing around the lumber bed is you deserve to pretty easily include to or adjust the architecture , for example you might stain the bed or repaint it any means you want or put the decking in a cool pattern herringbone because that instance, us are also planning on building some custom device boxes and drawers into the bed itself , and also in the future if it it s okay damaged we deserve to replace individual boards overall this was a really fun project and my dad will acquire alot of usage out that this for hauling structure materials and also it was simpler then we thought it would certainly be