So you’ve finally found the cushion compact of your dreams. Congratulations! even if it is you found The One via recos list, discovered it while looking your favorite beauty haunts, or ventured come make your own, it’s satisfying to lastly get the coverage and skin-improving characteristics you’ve been trying to find in a face base. However did you understand that initiative into finding and also creating a perfect complexion deserve to be undone by a dirty sponge?

Think around it: you’ve been utilizing the very same sponge everyday to play on a moist beauty beauty product. Once you"re excellent patting, you simply pop the sponge it ago into the compact before it’s had a chance to dry. Think of all the bacteria life in that wet and also dark environment.Gross, right? If friend make certain to save your brushes and other devices clean (and you certainly should!), it’s essential to do the same for her CC puff. Castle are an especially tricky come clean though, owing to the water-resistant nature of many cushion formulas and also the multi-layered design of the sponge itself, however we found a way to purge the of every critical drop of product build-up. Here’s how!


What you will certainly need:

Dirty (but tho usable) cushion makeup spongeZiploc bag (I picked up a box of 30 for P88 in Daiso)Diluted dishwashing fluid (1:2 proportion of soap come water)

Step 1: Pour the soapy water right into the ziploc bag and pop in your dirty sponge. Seal the bag.

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Step 2: Lightly press the sponge to get it wet and to activate the soap. You can also slide the plastic earlier and forth in between your thumb and fingers to offer the sponge a an excellent rub. Us don’t recommend squeezing or crushing the sponge as it may gain deformed or even ruined in the process. The water will begin to rotate murky as the product loosens indigenous the sponge.


Step 3: Remove the murky water and include in a clean batch the the soap systems to follow step 2 again. You’ll want to repeat this process 2-3 more times till the water operation clear even after pushing it a couple of times. If the sponge has actually a stain, pour more diluted dishwashing liquid into the bag and focus on tenderness rubbing that area.


Step 4: When it’s totally clean, wash the sponge well under running water till no soap shows up when you push it.Press the sponge lightly on a clean bath towel or thick tissue to acquire the excess fluid out. Again, be gentle and also don’t wring it! leave it come dry with the bottom side up, or tie the sponge take care of (that piece of ribbon across) and hang the applicator somewhere.After clean its compartment, you can pop the sponge back in the case.

So, why do you require the ziploc bag anyway? can’t you simply clean it with your bare hands? ns tried come this and also ended increase damaging my sponge. While i was squeezing and pressing away, mine nails would accidentally nick the blue surface of the sponge and cause it to peel. Eek! for this reason I determined to placed it right into a plastic bag to offer as a great of protection. Act so permitted the sponge to far better soak in the solution and also made it simpler to get to the deep-seated gunk within. Plus, it was just so much neater than having murky, foundation-colored water splashing and dripping anywhere the sink. Friend can also opt come dry the end the bag and reuse it for once you need to wash her sponge again.

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Careful maintenance will provide your sponge a longer lifespan, keep your cushion foundation from gift contaminated, and keep friend from gaining unwanted breakouts! If her sponge starts to malfunction though, girlfriend can quickly buy a replacement from most stores that offer cushion makeup.