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What involves your mind first when friend shut your ford traveler door and turn the crucial only to notification the door ajar blinking? you would more than likely think, oh no, ns didn’t nearby the door well, right?

What if it wake up again and again, also after slamming the door of her beloved. Probably you have thought around how come disable the car ajar on her vehicle.

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The door error is most likely one of the most typical problems that the ford explorer series.

The problem sometimes reasons the dome irradiate to malfunction and turn on intermittently or simply stays on transparent the whole time and also even as soon as the engine is off.

As harmless and also straightforward together this little fault may look, the poses a far-reaching danger come both the driver and also the various other road users.

It is noteworthy to recall the the door ajar sensor is installed for both the driver and the passengers. It, however, i do not care a reason for problem when the starts offering wrong and also unreliable signals.

I don’t know how relieving this may sound, however the truth is the you’re not facing this alone. The is a common problem that many thought would have actually probably motivated a recall the the ford explorer.

Unfortunately, Ford never did see the require for such recall together the concern was fixable. Join me together we check out this problem and proffer services to it.

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1 Learn just how To Disable Door Ajar on Ford Explorer

What Is A automobile Door Ajar

When a door is not entirely closed contempt opened, it is said to it is in ajar. In the context of our discussion, a auto door is ajar when any type of of the doors is no firmly closed. With your auto door left ajar, it is not safe for both the driver and also the passengers.

What Is A Door Ajar Sensor

A door ajar sensor is an digital component the is equipped to every of your vehicle doors. It sends out signals to your car’s computer. It signal your vehicle computer whether the door is open or closed.

What is a car ajar light?

Your automobile ajar irradiate is often located top top the dashboard of your vehicle. It often displays “door ajar” or is sometimes represented as a lighted automobile image indicating i beg your pardon of your automobile doors is open. These lights become a cause of concern when it continues to be lighted also after every the doors room firmly closed.

What is a car ajar switch

There is a auto ajar switch inside the latch that the vehicle. These switches create the sensors to send specific signals come your automobile computer.

There are about five various switches in the ford explorer. 4 are located in the driver’s door, passenger’s doors, right, and left behind door.

How walk the door ajar sensor works

The sensor works hand-in-hand v the ajar switch. The switch has a type of plunger v a spring inside. The plunger compresses the spring when the door is closed and also releases it when opened.

This action saves one on and off switch for the sensor that sends out signals come the vehicle computer. However, the accuracy the the signal sent out by the sensor deserve to be hampered one of two people by mechanical or electrical faults or both.

Learn how To Disable Door Ajar top top Ford Explorer

Have friend tried assorted door ajar fixes and also yet no solution? room you lastly fed up through the WD-40 spray? have actually you determined to let walk of the auto ajar entirely?

Here is a action by step method to disabling the door ajar in your ford explorer.

The first step is to situate the door through the door ajar malfunction. Yet how execute you discover the door?Get into your car and turn the ignition on without starting the vehicle.Open the doors one by one to situate the faulty door.Check for the door that opens up up there is no the alarm and the courtesy light. That is your culprit. can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: how To Remove interior Door Panel traveler w/details (Fifth Generation) (
Remove the panel on the door or the trunk depending upon which is faulty. Here is a tiny guide on how to remove the dashboard safely.Remove the connector and also unplug the switch.Take a piece of wire and also join the disconnected wires together and also tape it.

Here is a short video on just how to get about the above steps correctly. can’t it is in loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: 2002 Ford traveler door ajar (

Why Is The Door Ajar light Still On even After every Doors are Firmly Closed?

What would you carry out if your car ajar warning light remains on even when all doors space firmly closed?

The an initial step to settle this problem is to traction over progressively if you to be driving and confirm the all entries are securely closed.

The moment you are confident that all doors space closed, you can shot the following fast fixes.

Spray a WD-40 lubricant liberally right into the door latch.Open and also close the door firmly a pair of time to assist work the grease in the mechanism.Replace defective door switchesFix structural causes, if any.

Dangers Of automobile Ajar Issues

Beyond the door ajar light being pretty annoying, there are much more far-ranging safety implications such as;

It will leave the dome irradiate switched on. This have the right to lead come battery drain and also can additionally cause unnecessary man to other chauffeurs at night.The door will certainly not lock when in motion. This could be risky and a reason for concern, specifically to parents through kids.The vehicle will no be for sure for parking, especially in publicly places, together the vital fob can not lock the doors.

Some typical Door Ajar Problems

Door ajar malfunction is a usual problem because that Ford traveler users. Few of the issues:

The door ajar sensor in the door hatch may get stock and also malfunction.The door sensor might be faulty.There might be difficulties with the wires connecting the sensor come the auto computer.

Quick fixes to the above problems

Spray a WD-40 spray liberally ~ above the door hatch. Open and close the door a pair of times to complimentary the mechanism.If you discover a faulty sensor, girlfriend can call your dealer for a replacement.Check for damaged wire amongst the door wire and also fix it.

Is It for sure To Drive v The Door Ajar irradiate On?

You are ideal to feeling uncomfortable driving with the door ajar irradiate on. This could be problematic, specifically if you room a parent with children in your car. However, to it is in on the for sure side, the will only be best for girlfriend to sluggish down and pullover to check that every doors room firmly shut.

Driving with your door ajar can reason various traffic troubles like

Passengers falling the end of your vehicleYour opened suddenly and also causing difficulties for the roadway users.

More frequently than not, the auto door ajar irradiate is left on due to a malfunctioning car ajar system. If you room sure that the irradiate is as result of a malfunction, that is safe to drive even with the door ajar lamp on.


The vehicle ajar is a feature we should most likely never think that disabling through regards come its importance.

Unfortunately, the problem of getting unreliable signal from the door ajar sensor is a reason for concern.

However, to get rid of the issue once and also for all, the is essential to shot out an choice that can finally bypass it.

However, execute not forget the this choice leaves you v the job of ensuring your doors room firmly closed.

The vehicle ajar concern is probably one that the most disputed in practically all Ford traveler forums top top the internet. However, it appears very daunting to get human being to uncover a reputable solution.

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I know you have actually tried the WD-40 spray, you’ve fixed damaged wires, and also you’ve additionally probably tried transforming the sensors there is no success. Lastly, I’ll recommend you to shot the few steps I listed above.