Injustice 2 mobile Game: how to connect Mobile to Console

Earn Cyborg"s network skin through learning exactly how to link theInjustice 2 mobile video game to her console.

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This guide will present you how to get resource Crystals in unjust 2. Resource Crystals are used in injustice 2 to level up her characters and also unlock items. However, resource Crystals are difficult to collect, as they are fairly rare.

How come Use resource Crystals

Injustice 2’s resource Crystals have the right to be offered for a variety of things, but most of their uses are for cosmetic items. Resource Crystals have the right to be used to acquisition Premiere skins for your characters also as alternating color palettes.

Source Crystals can likewise be supplied to level up a character to Level 20. However, you have the right to only use source Crystals for this function if you currently have a character at Level 20 in unjust 2. This isn’t an ideal use of source Crystals, together they are difficult to come by, and this is rather expensive.

How come Get resource Crystals

Source Crystals in unjust 2 can be supplied to purchase brand-new cosmetic items for your characters.

While it deserve to be challenging to collect source Crystals in injustice 2, there are various ways you deserve to go about earning them. Among the finest ways come collect source Crystals is to level up her profile. You deserve to see her profile level by looking at her Hero Card. Your profile level is displayed below the “Extras” section of her Hero Card. Increasing your profile level rewards you with a set amount of source Crystals.

Profile Level

Crystals Earned per Level Increase







Source Crystals can additionally be earned by playing through details modes in unjust 2. Play with the Multiverse and also the Daily challenges to earn much more Source Crystals. This an approach isn’t guaranteed, as no all Daily challenges reward source Crystals, yet it’s precious checking this every day simply in case.

Another method you have the right to use to get more Source Crystals is to simply purchase lock in packs making use of real-world money. If this is an expensive option, it’s valuable if you have your eye ~ above that distinct something.

Source decision Prices

2,000 resource Crystals - $0.9911,000 resource Crystals - $4.9923,000 resource Crystals - $9.9950,000 resource Crystals - $19.99150,000 resource Crystals - $49.99

Source Crystals in injustice 2 is a rare money that can only be provided for a few specific items. You deserve to level up a character to 20, unlock Premiere Skins, and even purchase new colors because that a character. After you end up the key story, girlfriend should have actually enough source Crystals to purchase one or two items.

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If you check out this guide, you have to now know how to get resource Crystals in injustice 2.