Clip Studio paint brush files have the file extension .sut (meaning “sub tool”, which is what “brushes” are referred to as in CSP).

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There"s a number of ways to install brushes. However you commonly download multiple brushes in a pack, for this reason you"ll generally want to install multiple pen at once.

The fastest method to install multiple brushes is to choose them in your document manager, and also drag them into Clip Studio Paint"s Palette. This is the palette that shows a list of "brushes" under a tool.

In home windows 10, the record manager is file Explorer.

In macOS, it"s Finder.

In iOS/iPadOS, it"s the built-in Files App.

Drag-and-drop records into the palette to install.

1. Make sure your files are visible in your record manager.

2. Make sure Clip Studio paint is open. And also the palette is visible.

3. Choose the device you desire to import them under.

4. Choose the download brush/sub tool papers in the document manager.

5. Drag them right into the palette inside Clip Studio Paint.

And that"s it! You"ll watch the brushes included to the list and also you can use them prefer your various other brushes.

There"s additionally an food selection option. But that only enables you to income one file at a time.

Brushes native Clip Studio Assets

Note the this can additionally apply to below tool materials you gain from the Clip Studio assets site. This get included to your materials library quite than downloaded as files. In this case, you should browse her Materials library to discover the brushes/sub tools you downloaded. Then you just do the same actions mentioned above, except they’ll come native the window rather of the operation system document manager.

Clip Studio Paint provides you the capacity to open multiple windows so simply open one (go to on Window>Material>choose any type of of the options) and also navigate to wherein the pen are. You"ll normally be able to find castle in the Download folder.

Importing pen to Clip Studio paint for iOS

The iOS Files application (since iOS 13) has actually the capacity to unzip files and better manage records independent the the apps they came from.

Tapping the zip record in the iOS Files application will unzip the in the folder. You have the right to then follow the typical steps provided above.

You have the right to use iPadOS break-up View or Slide over to traction the files from the Files application to the Clip Studio paint app.


If they"re no inside an save file, sub tool papers can it is in imported via drag-and-drop from your apps of your digital storage services prefer Google Drive and also Dropbox. However, the integrity of this technique seems to readjust from variation to version.

If this fails, girlfriend can shot to relocate those papers locally onto your iPad first, and also then drag the files from there making use of the Files application as explained above.

If you have actually a lot of brushes to import and also use, you may want to read up on some Brush monitoring Tips:

You can uncover some tips and also Clip Studio repaint update rundowns ~ above my technology blog. I article there whenever Clip Studio repaint as an update or once I discover some an excellent use for a feature. :

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