So my beginning account has actually cloud saving permitted and the can't it seems to be ~ to income my ME1 character. I obtained the trilogy on origin PC and also just perfect ME1...

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You have to go to your ME2 files and also use Mass result 2 Config. Over there you should find a food selection asking for the place of her ME1 save files.

Remember that cloudsaving was no at all a 'thing' in 2010! Doublecheck that you have the correct savefiles in the correct local folder.

They should be in:

\"\\Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Save\"

( \":\\Users\\Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Save\" in home windows 7 )

There should be a Profile.MassEffectProfile paper in there, as well as a 01_01.MassEffectSave paper (the numbers deserve to vary). IIRC that last one is important for ME2 to income from.


Like people said below, you need to use the Config tool. Frustrates the hell out of me that I need to do this every time, but at the very least it's a basic process. Basically the problem is the ME2 doesn't recognize where ME1 conserved things.

General instructions because that importing ME1 saves to ME2 using the configuration tool ('cause the ain't obvious):

If running the game with a disk, open Mass effect 2 usually to gain the pre-start menu and choose Configure. If to run from Origin, uncover the binaries folder, most likely at C:\\Program papers (x86)\\Origin Games\\Mass impact 2\\Binaries, and also run MassEffect2Config.exe

The Mass result 2 configuration Utility have to open up. In the menu on the left, choose Save Games and click the large button referred to as 'Copy Mass effect 1 save Games'. This opens up a home windows directory. Navigate to the folder where your Mass impact 1 conserves are kept, probably C:\\Users\\Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Save, and click OK. You can close the config utility now.

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Note: You deserve to only import a perfect ME1 save, where you've obtained to the finish credits. If girlfriend have issues with the config tool, examine whether you have this save document by looking in the ME1 conserve folder, more than likely at C:\\Users\\Documents\\BioWare\\Mass Effect\\Save. The importable records look like: Char_-year-.MassEffectSave. The progression saves from during your playthrough look like: .MassEffectSave.