I know there isnt any type of (atleast i havent found any) taming travel guide on the internet. However no issue what technique I try to use to tame, taming performance still walk down. Why does the happen? any type of tips and also tricks on how to gain 100%?

side note: i have been making use of arks wiki page to for guides. Favor for Herbivores, ive used techniques on reccomended berries, come crops, and also now to be trying kibbles.

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Experienced player here to collection the document straight. All of this is a composite of research and personal testing. Ns inductively attracted a few conclusions here and there. Nevertheless of whether my 'reasoning of game mechanics' is exactly or not, who the hell knows. One point I can say is this works...and it works consistently.

Initial taming effectiveness is identified somewhat by health. Ns say somewhat since it's obviously no a straight quotient of present health/max health. Ns am not sure the specific % the max health required for 100% early stage effectiveness. That being said, tranq arrows cause 100% damage, and also increase torpor through 200% and another 250% over 4 seconds. This method damage:torpor is 1:4.5 IDEALLY. Clearly this ignores torpor degeneration and human error (e.g. Not landing a 2nd arrow exactly 4 secs after the last one landed) indigenous this you can conclude shoot them in the head is the most reliable damage and also torpor/arrow. The being said, don't shoot lock in the head if they space all bloodied glares in ~ argentavis projectile damage change or a low hp target.

As because that achieving a taming effectiveness of 100% once you have gained your 100% initial the process is simple, but complicated to describe heh.

Use Kibbles or Prime. Kibbles ideally, and obviously the only selection for herbivores.

Use only narcotics (you can use berries too but it is far an ext trouble, and also lets face it if you're going for 100% it's plainly a dinosaur worth part narcotics.

Never allow the torpor drop 40 listed below the maximum. This is simply a basic principle like the over that will help. Narcotics offer 40 torpor.

I am going come use an example of a mob with 2000 food and also 1000 torpor, because that simplicity's sake.

Narc in ~ 960-980 torpor. Kibbles is 80, so food is 1920 (goal). Usage narcotics consistently however: shot to time your 2nd to last narc so that he will have about 20-35 torpor come regen from a drug at about 1921-1923 food. Also though his food will certainly jump the 2nd he breaks 1920, if his torpor to be being brought to lid (1000) by the drug he 'technically' because that taming objectives won't eat until that drug ends. Therefore yielding a 0 torpor deficit and a 0% loss in taming effectiveness. This is additionally why ns say never let that fall listed below 40 torpor the max, also if girlfriend queue a 2nd narcotic to make up say a 70 torpor deficit, the feeding will certainly technically happen in between the 2 yielding a torpor deficit and taming efficiency dump. That is additionally why I usage Narcotics over Narcoberries 100% that the time, dealing in 8s or whatever is far...too...obnoxious.

Feeding for wellness plays no role, his hp at under is determinative of early stage efficiency. Starving never ever yields 100% due to the fact that of mechanics, also if you 'feed him sufficient to insta-tame'. You will constantly lose one level. Taming the highest level possible, top top diff. 4 this is 120, is the best.

Also to assist with obtaining kibble since fertilizer is a pains in the ass, tame a high level Phiomia and also pump the food up. When you require shit because that fertilizer just spam feeding it Stimberries and watch the shit fountain run.

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Further, egg no longer require the contrary sex surrounding as the 193, in truth they don't also need to it is in female. I am unsure if this is intentional.