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So, how do friend jack up a home to change rim joists? it is a fragile undertaking, and every precaution should be in place. You need the ideal tools and also the opinion that a skilled to pull it off without any kind of incidents.

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Now the you are here, we will certainly tell you about replacing rotted sill plate and rim joist through easy-to-follow steps. Before that, us will define a in salt joist, and answer questions you may have.

Rim Joist: What is It?


How High must You Jack increase House?

After ascertaining the source of the problem with her foundation’s integrity, the following course of activity is drawing up a plan. Among the an important aspects in ~ this phase is identify how far you will be jacking up floor joists. The will form the communication of your budget, the tools you need, and also anything else to gain the task done correctly.

Avoid the guesswork by consulting a expert to give a good idea of exactly how high you need to be increasing your house. The course, it will expense you to gain a professional, however it is better to obtain it all best from the start.

Nevertheless, if girlfriend trust her DIY skills, you can do the calculation and start your rim joist instead of from a expertise point. Acquire a string and attach it in ~ one end of the foundation. Hold the string and go around fifty percent the perimeter of the foundation. Keep the wire straight and also come to the section you will be hoisting and also replacing the joists. You will see plainly where the timber is rotten and how far up you will certainly be lifting her house.

What type of Jack execute I need for This Job?

It needs to be the best kind the jack, or number of where applicable, for the home to lift. Typically, hydraulic jacks room used, but there is the concern of tonnage. Roughly, a 20-ton hydraulic jack will certainly be good to go. However, if you would not choose to use much effort and time, then us recommend a 40-ton jack. As soon as you have that decision made, your journey for replacing the rotted sill plate and rim joist should start right away.

How come Jack increase a home to change Rim Joist: Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: top a structure Professional

We execute not recommend that you walk ahead and jack up house without seeking an expert opinion. A structure engineer will assess her house and also tell you whether it is for sure to lift that in the first place. You can not overlook the prestige of such an assessment for the finest outcome.

There are several technical facets that you may not be mindful of. You will come across terms prefer point-load, header, and continuous load path. If you have actually no reservation what they mean, you require a professional.

Understandably, you would prefer to save every dime girlfriend can. But, you cannot let that threaten the integrity and also safety of her house. Gain an expert and also sleep all night peacefully.

Step 2: create How High Your home Should be Lifted

Before replacing a rotted sill plate gets underway, the is command to understand how far up your home should it is in lifted. You have the right to use a laser, a straff string, or water level to tell exactly how high the home should go. If girlfriend go v a string, store it right from one end of the structure to the other where you will be act the replacement.

Step 3: placing up wall Studs

There is one more thing prior to you jack increase a house: constructing wall surface studs. These studs need to be in the basement due to the fact that they will be the just support of your house when the pickled in salt joists space hoisted. For sure you analyze your structure thoroughly, not to miss out on anything v the studs.

Step 4: using the Hydraulic Jack

We assume that you already made arrangements because that the jack. Friend will need the finest cordless drill to remove any kind of hard obstacles gaining to the rotten hardwood for her heads up. Earlier to the jack, you have the right to rent one and also cut on overhead costs.

Insert the jack wherein you want to lift. Slowly and also carefully hoist it. Heap up small blocks because that extra assistance at the facility of the structure. Once you with the best height, remove the jack cautiously, no to topple the entire structure.

Step 4: eliminate Dead Parts and also Replace Them

You can now start replacing in salt joists one ~ the other. Using a saw, cut out, and also replace them with healthy and balanced wood.


If the problem is with the sill plate, replace it through a brand-new one. Remember to reinforce the replacements through 16p nails. You do not require galvanized nails for this role. When all bad wood is removed, and also structural integrity is restored, the is time to lower the house ago to its initial position. Ar the jack under the opening and remove the little blocks layer ~ the other while jacking down.

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Final Word

Now that is exactly how to jack up a home to change rim joists. The is not a complicated process yet a vulnerable one. Follow our guide, and also it will certainly be a item of cake job. We insist that you consult an expert before you perform anything.


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