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I desire to use a tow dolly to move a rojo 73 240Z parts automobile with reasonably little structure rust around 20 miles. The automobile has no engine and also the driveshaft and transmission are out. With the automobile not running how do I acquire the automobile up ~ above the dolly? deserve to I use a come along? can I jack it up and also put it on 2 jack was standing behind the front wheels on the tension control rod mounts and back the dolly underneath the prior wheels that way? ns wonder if the jack was standing would obtain in the way of the dolly if I carry out that. I have read various other threads and also info top top the net, nobody says just how you do this therefore it should be either really easy or impossible. Over there is no bumper so ns can"t use a tow bar ns don"t think. U-Haul has actually the idea that the towing car should sweet at least 750 lbs more than the towed car. I will certainly be towing a 2000 lb 240Z v a 2200 lb car, has actually anyone had a trouble with the relative weight prefer that? many thanks for any type of ideas.

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Posted respectable 3, 2013


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Posted respectable 3, 2013


I towed mine 240Z about 180 miles residence using a car dolly and my 1997 Nissan truck (4 cylinder, automatic):


The automobile was located in the owner"s garage at the finish of the smooth driveway. Because the auto wasn"t running, we thrust the auto up ~ above the vehicle dolly. The lengthy driveway permitted us to pick up momentum to acquire the auto up and it did take numerous attempts to get the vehicle on straight. My van weighs about 2900 lbs (with the topper) and it has a class II hitch placed to the frame. I estimate the trailer sweet 500 lbs and also the 240Z weighs around 2300 lbs. The bed the the truck was additionally loaded with automobile parts the weighed probably 200 lbs. That comes to a car weighing 3100 lbs. And a towing load of 2800 lbs. I didn"t have any problems getting back home, other than my van had difficulty making that up several hills top top the interstate and also that was with the gas pedal come the floor! My truck hasn"t had any type of problems towing end a ton of load before, so i figured it can handle towing the 240Z.

For her situation, 20 miles isn"t that far to tow a vehicle. I would be extra cautious about towing the 240Z through a light car, however with the engine and tranny removed, the does eliminate a the majority of weight native the 240Z. It would be much better to discover someone that has actually a larger vehicle, but if you decision to usage your car and also a dolly, be certain to take a course where you have the right to travel at slow speeds and also leave lots of extra space for stopping. Do you plan to loaned the automobile dolly? I"m sure UHaul won"t rental a vehicle dolly come you if they knew what the towing combination was going come be. I rented a car dolly native a local guy who rents it out, due to the fact that I"m sure UHaul wouldn"t have approved of my truck. Together for obtaining the auto onto the dolly, if it"s located on a smooth surface, girlfriend shouldn"t have any problems pushing it on otherwise you have the right to use a come along, which will take longer. Also without the bumper, there should be a location to connect the come along. Besides, it"s just a parts car!