Little Alchemy 2 is a popular new game and a sequel to little Alchemy. In the game, you space tasked through combining aspects to spawn new creations. The goal is to combine new elements to unlock every object available eventually. In this guide, we summary the combination path you must take to makeBread.

There are many paths you might take to make Bread. Because that simplicity"s sake, we"re going to break this down into two separate parts:

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All the combine you deserve to use to do Bread.The most direct path to do Bread native the start of the game.

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Bread Combinations

The complying with list shows you every the feasible combinations you have the right to use to make Bread.

Dough + EnergyDough + WarmthDough + Fire

Combination Path

The following list outlines the many direct mix path to do Bread.

Lava: Earth + FireStone: Air + LavaMetal: Fire + StonePlow: Metal + EarthEnergy: Fire + FirePuddle: Water + WaterPond: Puddle + PuddleLake: Pond + PondLand: Earth + EarthContinent: Land + LandPlanet: Continent + ContinentAtmosphere: Air + PlanetCloud: Atmosphere + WaterLightning: Cloud + EnergyLife: Lightning + LakeSoil: Life + LandGrass: Life + SoilField: Soil + PlowWheat: Grass + FieldFlour: Wheat + WheatDough: Flour + WaterBread: Fire + Dough

Once you follow the measures above, you"ve gotBread. Who knew the making the most basic food would certainly take so many steps!

Check out the little Alchemy 2 web page for more guides native Pro video game Guides!

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