Project traveler viewThis view offers a hierarchical view the theartifacts in the Workbench, i beg your pardon is customized through the specificconfiguration of her Workbench.From here, you have the right to open papers for modifying or choose resources because that operations such together exporting.A typical Project explorer with only the JavaDevelopment tools (JDT) installed looks comparable to the package Explorer:
Right-click top top any source in the Project explorer view to open up a pop-up food selection that permits you to carry out operations such together copying, moving, creating brand-new resources, comparing sources with each other, or performing team operations. To watch a summary of what each food selection item does, move selection highlight to that menu item and also press the context-sensitive help key (e.g., F1 top top Microsoft Windows).

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By default, the Project traveler view is had in the resources perspective. To add the Project explorer view come the currentperspective, click

Window> present View > Other... > basic > job Explorer.


Collapse AllThis command collapses the tree growth state of every resourcesin the view.Link v EditorThis command toggles even if it is the job Explorer selection islinked come the active editor. As soon as this choice is selected, an altering theactive editor will instantly update the project Explorer selection to theresource gift edited.Select and deselect contents to filter to the contents in the treeThis command opens up a dialog enabling to configure some filters come enable.View MenusClick the ⋮ upright ellipsis to open a menu of itemsspecific come the project Explorer. Some extra menu entries deserve to beadded by extension and also may no be recorded here.Project PresentationSelect even if it is the physical nested projects have to be shown as root aspects (Flat), orshould be presented under their parent job in place of their corresponding folder (Hierarchical).Top-Level ElementsSelect whether the height level-elements have to be the selected working sets with tasks as children,or the clearly shows projects.Select working SetOpens the pick Working set dialog to allow selecting aworking set for the job Explorer.Deselect working SetDeselects the current working set.Edit active Working SetOpens the modify Working set dialog to allow transforming thecurrent working set.In enhancement to these food selection items, the Project traveler menu reflects a perform ofrecently supplied working set that have been selected in the view.

Filters and also Customization

This command enables you to adjust the view for yourspecific needs. Friend may select pre-defined filter to use to the watch so that youcan display or hide various artefacts as needed. The default filtersavailable with the Java development tools (JDT) is displayed below:
filters dialog" border="0">You can likewise define your own filters based upon the nameof a resource. Full name or continuous expressions are allowed.
User filters dialog" border="0">You may additionally choose the types of contents for the viewto present as well. The default content extensions accessible with theJava advancement tools (JDT) is presented below, however your certain extensionswill be established by your workbench configuration:
content dialog" border="0">Link with EditorSee the toolbar item summary above.

Context menu

The context-menu allows to accessibility some basic Project administration operations aswell together operations that are specific to your selection. Some plugins can prolong thecontext-menu with added entries that could not be documented here.

NewThis command permits you to develop a new resource inthe Workbench. Choose the kind of source to develop from the submenu. CopyThis command copies the selected source to theclipboard.PasteThis command pastes sources on the clipboard right into the selectedproject or folder. If a source is selected the resources on theclipboard are pasted together siblings of the selected resource.DeleteThis command deletes the selected resource from theworkspace.MoveThis command moves the selected resource to anotherlocation. A dialog will certainly appear, prompting because that the destination locationto i beg your pardon the resource will be moved.RenameThis command permits you to specify a brand-new name forthe selected resource.ImportThis command opens the income wizard and permits youto choose resources come import into the Workbench.ExportThis command opens up the export wizard and enables youto export resources to an exterior location.RefreshThis command refreshes the Workbench"s watch of theselected resource and the children. Because that example, this is supplied when youcreate a new record for an present project outside the Workbench and also wantthe document to appear in the Project explorer view.Close ProjectThe close project command is visible once an openproject is selected. This command close the door the selected project.Close Unrelated ProjectsThis command will certainly close any project i m sorry areunrelated come the selected project.Open ProjectThe open project command is visible as soon as a closed job isselected. This command opens the selected project.Team

Menu items in the Team sub-menu are related toversion control management and are established by the version controlmanagement device that is linked with the project. Eclipse providesthe special menu item re-superstructure Project... for jobs that room notunder version control management. This command will current a wizardthat enables you to select to share the project with any type of version controlmanagement equipment that has actually been added to Eclipse. Eclipse pearls withsupport for CVS.

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Compare WithCommands top top the Compare with sub-menu permit you todo one of the following varieties of compares:Compare 2 or 3 selected sources with eachotherCompare the selected source with remoteversions (if the task is associated with a variation controlmanagement system).Compare the selected resource with a localhistory stateAfter you pick the kind of to compare you desire to do,you will certainly either see a to compare editor or a compare dialog. In the compareeditor, you have the right to browse and copy miscellaneous changes in between the comparedresources. In the compare dialog, you can only browse v thechanges.Replace With

Commands ~ above the change With sub-menu allow you toreplace the selected resource with another state indigenous the neighborhood history.If the project is under version control management, there might beadditional items gave by the version regulate management device aswell.

PropertiesThis command displays the properties of the selectedresource. The type of properties the are displayed depend ~ above what typeof source is selected. Resource properties may encompass (but space notlimited to):Path family member to the job in which the is heldType that resourceAbsolute record system path, or name of pathvariable when using connected resourcesResolved path variable as soon as using a course variablefor a attached resourceSize that resourceLast modified dateRead-only statusDerived resource statusExecution arguments, if it is an executableresourceProgram launchers, if the is launchableProject dependencies, if anyRelated concepts

Working sets Team programming v CVS Three-way compare linked resources

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