The Ford Sync 3 is a good car. It has numerous features the make that an enjoyable experience to drive, yet one the the most well-known features amongst drivers is just how easy the is to play videos from your phone on the Sync 3’s touchscreen display. In this blog post we’ll present you how!

How to Play video clip On Ford Sync 3

First install ford sync app. Then open up the ford sync 3 application on her phone.

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Select the media button in the reduced left hand corner of the screen and also then tap top top videos to open up up a list of all the video clip files conserved on your device’s storage.

From here, friend can pick which video record that you want to play by tapping it once or twice depending on if you’re selecting one because that playing now or including it together something to clock later.

Once you’ve preferred what video paper will be played next, back out that this food selection so that us have more room in ~ our handle while still gift able to watch our Media document Menu with whatever else such together music and also pictures available. From here uncover “Playback” in stimulate to obtain started.

Tap ~ above the screen and then push “Play” to start playing your video file.

You have the right to pause, resume, or protect against playback anytime by pressing among these 3 buttons located at the bottom appropriate hand edge of our display that looks prefer a play button with a triangle inside it.

To accessibility other videos in your media library without having to close out this window tap top top “Next Song/Chapter.” Doing so will permit you come browse with all easily accessible files until you discover what you’re searching for which can additionally be excellent while paused if wanted as well. This is very helpful when wanting come switch in between different pages showcasing various content such as music, photos, etc.

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If you desire to minimize this home window without closing out of it, simply twin tap top top the screen and also then traction your finger up in the direction of the optimal left hand side.


Where to find the video clip app on ford sync 3?

The video app have the right to be found by pressing the media button located on the reduced left hand edge of her screen. Indigenous here, you’ll see a perform of every videos saved to your device’s storage and also then just press “play” in stimulate to begin playing your favored file!

How execute I pat videos on mine ford sync 3?

You can play videos on your Ford Sync display by opened the media app and also choosing a record from her phone’s storage. You’ll then be able to press “Play” i beg your pardon will start playback as well as pause, resume, or prevent at any time with three buttons in the reduced right hand edge of our display that look prefer a play button with a triangle within of it! If you desire to view other papers without having actually to close out this home window tap ~ above “Next Song/Chapter.” This will permit you come browse through all easily accessible content till you discover what she looking for!

Why can’t ns play videos from mine phone onto mine Ford Sync 3 screen?

In order come play videos on your Ford Sync screen you’ll need the media application installed and also then open it native the lower left hand corner of her screen. From here, choose a video record that is saved onto her phone’s storage and press “play” in order to start playback!

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