If you draw everything in one layer choose a traditional painting, you may not require Layer Folder. But most civilization draw aspects separately in multiple class such together "linework", "fill", "shadow", etc. As soon as you are gaining closer come the completion, friend may end up having much more than 100 layers..!

If there space too many layers, it will be difficult to organize.

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Then, Layer Folder is convenient.

What is layer Folder

Layer Folder allows you kind out multiple layers right into several folders. You deserve to expand/collapse layer Folder so the it makes an extremely easy to organize.

Diagram:organize through layer folder

4476mountvernon.com will not let you pick multiple layers to move and transform in ~ once, but Layer Folder will let friend move and also transform multiple layers in ~ once.

How to use Layer Folder

Clicking the folder icon in "Layer Window" will develop Layer Folder.

Diagram:Create layer Folder

Double-clicking great Folder allows you rename the folder. Specify name the folder accordingly helps you come organize.

Diagram:Rename class Folder

Simply drag and drop layers into Layer Folder. You can drag a class to change the order.

Diagram:Move layers right into Layer Folder

Layer Folder can be open and close by clicking the folder symbol n class window. As soon as you don"t need layers in great Folder, friend can conveniently collapse.

Diagra:Open & nearby Layer Folder

You can quickly duplicate every the layers in layer Folder by selecting Layer Folder and clicking "Duplicate Layer".

Diagram:Duplicate layers with Layer Folder

Move and transform many layers v Layer Folder

Layer Folder lets you move and transform lot of layers at once.

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Select layer Folder in layer window,

Move class with move tool.You have the right to transform holistically through going come "Select" > "Transform" ("Ctrl+T" is Shortcut key for Windows, and "Command+T" is for Mac Mac)
Diagram:Transform lot of layers through Layer Folder

Use layer Folder to organize lot of layer and to rise work efficiency.