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808 my CrewAttention, Attention (Yea, attention!)This is a robbery (Yea, it"s a robbery!)Stick "em up (Stick "em up!)Mad RapperWe just having a little fun, babyGet in your feelings if you want toZone 6 nigga, pyrex whipperMe and Izzy gonna show you how to rob!See I was gon rob 6ix9ine, but he going to tell at the endI was gon rob young Melly, but he busy shooting his friendsI was gon rob Lil Uzi with a big pumpI was gon rob Lil Pump with a big UziThey gon put money on my head, tryna get to meNigga like Jeezy, I"m going like big GucciEven Wiz Khalifa don"t want no smokeBig Shot AR, sank ya Lil BoatShoot like a J with the K, no coachBet they gon takeoff, they see me goPut this shit onset, if I catch OffsetImma just give Lil Cardi a dome checkLooking at Quavo I know he a sweetie (Saweetie)Bluefaces on me, but he tryna be meRun up on Meek Mill who you tryna yell atRun up on Gunna, what"s in that Chanel bag21 savage? Who you gon tell that?I"m finna jack Young Nudy for his hellcatI"mma get high, nigga I smoke purppRun up on OVO, who wanna go firstI got a Drake, I got a 40 glocked upI"ll catch Kodak, but he said he locked upI"ll catch Carti, he know I don"t play boiCatch Lil Wayne, knock him straight off his skateboardNeed me a new chain, know how I do thingsPull up on 2 Chainz, pull me a Boonk gangCatch me Dababy, but he tryna fight back4 times, hey Stunna where the ice at?Run up on cass and say I need twice thatCan"t run up on Lil Nas, cuz he might like thatAR got titties, looking like they inhandsRun up on Nicki, take out her implantsBlocboy JB, stomp him with his danceCrippin like snoop, but I"m robbing the stickmanYou don"t wanna die, young roddy, get a goat upYou don"t love what? OT, get the coke upA boogie gon sing, when he see me put the pole upI"ll rob TIP, he tell hold upDon"t mind me, motherfucker I"m trippingI"ll show a nigga how to rob like 50Getting mad, let"s see how the tour goBaltimore nigga, front row of the award showYea, they can get mad if they want to, you know what I"m saying?He don"t really care, you know what I"m saying?IzzyMad Rapper (word!)BmoreBrooklynHow to rob, 2019 baby!