The LG G5 is now easily accessible throughout the United says from carriers and also retail stores, and also that method millions of buyers purchase one and have lots of questions. One thing we get asked about with each new phone is how to take it a screenshot. Through that in mind, below are the quick and easy instructions for multiple various ways to take a screenshot ~ above the LG G5.

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On February 23rd the brand-new LG G5 was announced, then released on April 1st. It has a radical brand-new all aluminum frame, and a modular design with a slide-out tray on bottom for the replaceable battery. However, the biggest change is the fingerprint scanner on ago and buttons relocated to the side.

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It’s the very first LG smartphone in more than a few years the doesn’t have all the buttons on the back. As a result, taking a screenshot isn’t an extremely easy making use of the usual button combo from prior years. Even if it is you want to screenshot funny write-ups on Facebook, mim from the internet, or even component of crucial email, screenshots room an easy way to conserve things off the LG G5 screen.


If you’ve ever before owned or used an Android device in the past few years you will do it be best at home and also probably won’t also need to find how. However, if you’re new to smartphones, or recently switched come LG from an iphone or Samsung Galaxy, you’ll need to find out how. V the LG G5, there room multiple means to take a screenshot.

For those confused. A screenshot (or screencap) is essentially our smartphones capturing and saving everything is top top the screen. This have the right to then it is in edited or cropped to get precisely what friend want, and also comes in extremely handy because that a range of uses.


Without the buttons ~ above the back and the fingerprint scanner doubling together the power button, no to point out the high placement of the volume up/down keys, taking a screenshot top top the LG G5 isn’t easy. It’s very complicated actually, which is why they’ve had a one-tap shortcut best in the an alert pulldown shade.

Those who’d favor to catch what’s on the screen can take it a screenshot ~ above the LG G5 making use of three various methods. Press the strength (fingerprint scanner) and also volume under buttons down and hold, in ~ the very same time. This has been the method for years, yet is rather difficult to do on the LG G5. There’s also the LG quick Capture switch in the notification bar, or usage Google Now. We’ll define them every in an ext detail as well.


Briefly push and hold both the power and also volume under buttons simultaneously and also let go, and you’ll check out the computer animation on screen and also hear the screenshot capture. That’s it. Her phone saves whatever was gift displayed, and also can be accessed native the photograph gallery. From right here you can share it together you’d like, or walk into modify mode and crop out the edge while including some flair with any of the numerous editing tools obtainable to Android.

Since this technique which has been accessible on Android for years is challenging on the LG G5, we have actually an less complicated way. Merely slide down the an alert bar by swiping down from the optimal of the screen. There room a perform of setup shortcuts at the top, and also this year LG included one dubbed “Capture”. Open an email, or whatever display screen you’d prefer to save, pull down the bar, and also tap the Capture switch in the pulldown bar. It will certainly disappear, take a screenshot, and also then allow owners edit the image as usual. Check out the picture below.


Then last yet certainly not least we can take and instantly re-publishing a screenshot all with a basic tap using Google Now. Long-press the one “home” onscreen key, i beg your pardon is Google Now. Very first time customers will need to enable this, and we’d introduce everyone execute so together Google now is extremely valuable for quick searches.

Long-press the residence button and also Google now pops up, analyses whatever is on the screen, and gives search outcomes for it. Prefer a movie in a text post with nearby theater times, or directions to a restaurant. It’s really powerful. However, there’s likewise the share Android “Share” button, which are two lines v dots connecting them. Tap this, and also Google will certainly instantly take it a screenshot the the screen and open the share food selection at the very same time.

From below owners have the right to instantly send the screenshot in a message message, email, upload it come Facebook and also other things. It’s very quick, easy and convenient. Google Now deserve to do a the majority of things, and has lots of voice actions, so provide it a shot on your LG G5 today.

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Users can find a folder called “Screenshot” in the collection with all of their screenshots, and also share or modify them native there. Personally utilizing Google currently is most basic for me, together it have the right to be done v one hand, however with three alternatives to pick from taking a screenshot on the LG G5 have to be quick and also easy for all owners.