Multiple bleaching and also coloring can leave your hair over-processed, fried, and terribly porous. Such hair have the right to have a difficult time acquisition color and the shade won’t come out even and nice. Once your hair is damaged and porous, color molecules cannot gain trapped insidethe hair shaft, for this reason your color bleeds out and fades quickly. You are dreaming about something the will assist your overly-porous hair feel healthy and balanced again and also ensure greater shade absorption and longevity.

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The solution to your problems is simple and very affordable- a protein filler for hair. This wonder product has been for a if a preferable method to deal with porous hair and assist the color process more evenly.

A porosity equalizing hair filler includes hydrolyzed proteins the cling to your hair and also fill in the areas of porosity because that thicker and smoother strands.


A protein filler is regularly used before the color process to protect against uneven color results and also protect the hair from chemistry damage. This product comes either clean or in various colors, however the neutral version is the many popular and also simplest come use.


The many recognizable product in this category is the Neutral Protein Filler through Colorful. This protein filler is exceptionally effective on porous hair the doesn’t take it the color evenly. Girlfriend can obtain it because that a really affordable price, and it is effortless to usage if you favor doing your coloring project at home.

Benefits of using Neutral Protein Filler

The most common method to usage this product is together a pre-color treatment, especially if you endure from porous hair.

Even coverage: most damaged and porous locations of her hair will procedure color as well quickly, do your color results uneven. When applied before coloring service protein fillers alleviate hair porosity, preparing your hair for much more even shade absorption.

Protection versus chemical damage: If her hair is badly damaged from making use of bleach, it will certainly repair some previous damage and protect hair against brand-new chemical damage when dye again.

Better and longer-lasting results: When applied before coloring, protein fillers assist porous bleached hair take it color an ext uniformly and aid lock in the color for longer.

Consistent results: The color will watch close to the shade on the box, regardless of damage from bleaching or previous shade build-up. Protein filler makeyour dying task much more effective, allowing you come get expert results in ~ home.

Improvement in in its entirety appearance that the hair: Protein filler fill porous ends, to add a lustrous sheen, and make hair look healthier and thicker.



How to usage a Neutral Protein Filler

This can be a miracle product because that you, but you need to use that properly.

As a pre-color treatment: use the filler evenly throughout your clean, towel damp hair, and also let it sit for about 20 minutes. Perform not rinse the product from her hair. Use the shade as usual. After rinsing the shade follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

You have the right to transfer the product to a spray party for much easier application.

Many users have actually reported an excellent results as soon as 1-2 ounces the the protein filler are added directly to the color mixture. However, accordingto the instructions, using this product together a pre-color treatment will for sure the finest results.


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As a protein repair treatment: Neutral protein filler can additionally be supplied as a conditioner treatment just by mixing 1-ouncewater with 2 ouncesneutral protein filler. The protein filler will gain back keratin stripped out of your hair, making your hair feeling stronger and healthier. This treatment is very recommended because that hair that feels overly-porous and also damaged because of previous relaxing and also bleaching sessions.

Do this repairing therapy once a month between colorings come compensate because that the protein that has been shed from her hair end time and to save your hair in an excellent condition.

Precautions: as a protein treatment, Neutral Protein Filler works exceptionally well for hair that lacks protein. However, execute not use a protein filler much more than as soon as a month to stop overloading your hair with protein. Too much protein in the hair can cause the the opposite effect and your hair will end up being inelastic and also break easily.

Any kind of protein treatment must be adhered to by a moisturizing therapy to replenish shed moisture in the hair.

Make sure to refrigerate any kind of leftover conditioner. When the formula has been diluted, bio-active ingredients gain spoiled veryquickly.

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Protein Fillers with Color

Professional protein filler come in assorted colors, however be conscious that the the shade you will get is not the same color you watch in the bottle. Besides helping with color absorption and providing protection against hair damage, protein fillers through color help counteract unwanted undertones in her hair. They additionally makeit much easier to control some problematic hair colors, favor red.

Somecommon examples:

1. If you desire to take your over-processed, bleaching blonde hair to a check out or brown shade usage red protein filler to assist cut any type of greenish color and counteract orange tones.

2. When dying her hair white blonde usage platinum protein filler (which has purple color) as a pre-treatment to avoid any kind of brassy tones and also to obtain a cooler the shade of platinum.

The application can be messy. The easiest way of application is to add the product come your color mixture and leave that in her hair during showering.

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Before using a protein filler with color for the first time, that is recipient to top an skilled colorist who will help you to start.