The HP 15-ay191ms might pass as a basic, spending plan laptop, yet it’s a home windows 10-equipped signature laptop through a seventh-generation processor, enough system memory and also storage as well as touch capability, yet selling for approximately the same price together a Chromebook.



To obtain to its budget, the HP 15 no skimp on critical features such as system memory and storage: there is 8GB of DDR4 memory and mass, albeit sluggish 1TB difficult drive storage. Many PCs in the same classification will have actually 4GB come 8GB the memory, and some will even encompass speedier solid-state drives, however that will surely hike the price.

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It adds a seventh-generation Intel core i3-7100U processor v Intel HD graphic 620, and also you have actually a pc that rivals most fifth-generation Intel core i5-powered desktop PCs. V a CPU note score of ~3800, this mechanism gets as close as you’d acquire to most i5-level performance appropriate for many day-to-day tasks including opening applications, inputting documents, internet surfing, and also composing and reading email.

As expected, gaming power on a budget laptop will certainly surely put you earlier a couple of miles, with middling performance. The combined Intel HD 620 graphic card will certainly not run really acceptable frame per 2nd (FPS), however if you urge you can offer it a road-run at medium settings (720p). Don’t intend butter-smooth frame rates per second (fps) with this laptop.

It regulated only 12fps on fallout 4 (medium settings), 9 fps ~ above The Witcher 3 and also 22 fps top top GTA V under the very same settings. The Acer Aspire 15 changed 24 fps on autumn 4, 19 fps ~ above The Witcher 3 and also an exceptional 69 fps top top GTA V (medium settings).

Battery Life

Battery life is at the middle-of-the road for a 15-inch desktop computer replacement laptop. The HP 15’s 3-cell 31Whr battery lasted 3 hours 27 minute on ours battery synopsis test, staying behind last year’s Dell Inspiron 15 (4:16) by much more than an hour and also the larger Dell Inspiron 17 5000 collection (5:26) by practically two hours.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re hunting for value in a laptop, the HP 15-ay191ms is very attractive, to it is in sure. Yet you need to very first ask you yourself if she buying a mechanism to surf the Internet, or do you require a full-fledged windows PC? For internet surfing, for you can be safe v a Chromebook such as the Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible, yet if girlfriend must have actually Windows affordably, climate the HP 5 will be a passable home windows PC, and also its touch screen and also seventh-generation Intel core i3 processor are a plus, that will certainly be method faster than your old PC. Both theHP 15-ay013nr(Intel core i5,128GB SSD)and theHP-ay011nr(Intel core i5, 1TB HDD)are ultimately far better choices for budget Windows users, worth a lengthy look together you shop around.